Commercial Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning

When you choose to use this kind of dry carpet cleaning, you do not have to settle for high pH solutions that can shorten the life of your carpet. You also do not need to go for the usual water flushing process. Soaking and spraying your carpets with water can cause damage to the delicate material. What is more, using detergents can result in sticky residues which attract more soil and oily substances.

When it comes to your traditional carpets, you can also be assured that our cleaning process that will take away the soil and dirt safely without having to apply a huge amount of moisture or water. This way, your carpets will also be deodorised as well as protected from stains.

Dry fusion carpet cleaning is known to have a lasting effect, as well as producing a softer and brighter finish.

Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning Process

Before you decide on whether our dry carpet cleaning is for you, it is best that you understand the process involved. Below outlines the steps included in our Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning treatment.

  1. Inspection – The professional carpet cleaners will check out your carpet first to see what kind of fibres are used. In this step, they will also identify any sports and stains.
  2. Pre-Conditioning with Spotting – Different types of detergents are used on your carpets, depending on the type of fibres. Then a special hot detergent to condition the carpet is applied as well as specific spot and stain removals.
  3. Dry Carpet Cleaning with Antimicrobial and Stain Guard Protection – This step is the main procedure in the process as it involves the actual dry fusion cleaning. This results in the dirt and soil separating and going into the pads.
  4. Rotary Dry Pad Application – This step is important in ensuring that the carpet is left dry and it also takes away the need to let it dry by itself. Through this step, the brightness of your carpet can increase notably.
  5. Final Grooming – This step aims to remove cleaning marks and the carpet pile will be left standing, this way you do not need to worry about the long drying process. This step will also
    help improve the carpet’s beauty.

Our Dry Fusion Add on Services

  • Pre-Vacuum Procedure with Filtration – The dry vacuuming procedure is guaranteed to get rid of around 70% or more of the dry soil. This comes with a remarkable filtration of high quality which is commonly used in industrial settings.
  • Furniture Movement – Naturally, the pieces of furniture in your home must be moved around in order for the cleaners to continue the process efficiently.
  • Foam Blocks and Protective Tabs – Foam blocks can be positioned so that the furniture is at higher levels. Protective tabs will be used so moisture will not transfer to the furniture pieces.

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