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Remove the odour of lingering cigarette smoke with our extremely effective remediation process. 

From homes and office buildings to vehicles and campervans – our IICRC accredited technicians can successfully remove the scent of cigarette smoke. Our services are well suited to: 

  • Anyone purchasing a second-hand car/home,
  • Property managers overseeing recently vacated properties,  
  • Business vehicle fleet managers, 
  • Hotel facility managers, and 
  • Airbnb hosts 

If you have a problem with cigarette smoke odour or are looking to have an odour remediation company on-call, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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What is Involved

Known for our success in the field, AllAces Cleaning & Restoration has garnered quite the reputation for our effective and long-lasting solutions. Helping aid our technicians is an extensive range of state-of-the-art remediation equipment including: 

  • Carbon and HEPA filtered air scrubbers – Greatly improving air quality and odour, these break down the airborne contaminants. 
  • VaporShark – A powerful blend of oils release neutralising dry vapours to be diffused into the air, penetrating surrounding surfaces and nullifying odours. 
  • Ozone – Releasing a bacterial and fungicidal gas, this machine works as a fumigator to creak down carbon molecules in the air. 
  • Hydroxyl – Simulating safe, reoccurring natural molecules, UV rays are used to cleanse the air of contaminants and odours. 

Why Engage a Professional?

The nature of nicotine residue makes it reasonably hard to remove. Masking cigarette smoke odour is relatively easy, but removing it permanently requires specialised equipment and work processes. Attempting to undertake any kind of odour removal measures yourself is often ineffective, and can even compound the issue. This is especially relevant to cigarette smoke. Operating since 1988, AllAces Cleaning & Restoration can remediate even the most severe and stubborn smell of cigarette smoke. Leave the job to the professionals and secure yourself an effective and long-lasting odour removal solution


Can you actually remove the cigarette smell?

Yes, we experience an incredible amount of success with our odour removal services.

Do you offer an odour removal guarantee?

The odour remediation process operates on a spectrum and each case is unique. While we definitely experience very high levels of success, we always need to assess the source, effected materials (timber vs. carpet vs. concrete, for example) and the remediation options that the space allows before discussing any expected outcomes. There is no blanket treatment and we treat each case with the utmost care and consideration.

How long will the process take?

For buildings, it will depending on the size. The initial treatment can take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours and we will need to leave our Hydroxyl machine on the premises for a minimum of three days. Cars will usually take 2-3 days in total.

Is the process safe and can we stay on the premises?

While completely safe, the application of the initial treatment can be completed a lot more efficiently without the interruptions of occupants. Following this step, we will install a Hydroxyl machine for a minimum of three days. It is entirely safe to be in the building while this is running. It is similar in size to a squat wheelie bin so it does take up a little room. It is, however, very quiet to run.


As experts in the industry, we have the technologies and work methods to deliver unrivaled results. With over 30 years in the industry, we have can remove cigarette smoke odour from any space.

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