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External house washing refers to the complete pressure washing for residential properties using high-pressure water sprays to remove dirt, mould, algae, grime, dust, mud, and other contaminants from the exterior surfaces of homes and their surrounding areas. At AllAces, our IICRC-certified technicians are trained to handle full-scale residential external property cleans to refresh, restore, and maintain your home’s exterior.

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What is Involved

During a complete external house washing, areas typically include:

  • Home Exteriors: This includes siding (whether it’s vinyl, wood, brick, or stucco), eaves, and fascia.
  • Driveways and Walkways: Concrete, pavers, and other surfaces can be cleaned to remove stains, tire marks, and dirt.
  • Patios and Decks: Regular cleaning can enhance the longevity and appearance of wood, composite, or concrete patios and decks.
  • Fences: Whether wood, metal, or vinyl, fences can be rejuvenated with pressure washing.
  • Roof Washing: Special soft washing techniques can be used to gently remove moss, algae, and stains without damaging roof shingles.

Our Process

  • Assessment: Before the actual cleaning, an inspection of the property will be completed to confirm the level of pressure and type of cleaning solution needed.
  • Protection: Plants, electrical outlets, and other sensitive areas are covered or protected to avoid any damage, where necessary.
  • Cleaning Solutions: Depending on the type of dirt and the surface material, different cleaning solutions may be applied to help break down stubborn stains or organic growth.
  • Pressure Washing: High-pressure water is then used to clean surfaces. The pressure level is adjusted based on the surface being cleaned to prevent any damage.
  • Rinsing: After cleaning, the surfaces are thoroughly rinsed.

Why Engage a Professional?

At AllAces, you can be assured that our professional pressure washing services are performed efficiently and safely. We possess the expertise and equipment to tackle various surfaces without causing damage and are aware of the correct water pressure and cleaning solutions to use for each situation.

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Is there a high limit to your external house washing service?

Yes, our capacity is a 2 storey construct, however, exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.

How often should I pressure wash my home?

Typically, homes should be pressure washed annually, but those in high humidity or tree-covered areas might need it more frequently.

Will pressure washing damage my siding or paint?

When done properly, pressure washing won't harm siding or paint. However, incorrect techniques can cause damage, so it's crucial to use or hire experienced hands.

Can you pressure wash wooden decking or fencing?

Yes, but wooden surfaces need special care with lower pressure and may benefit from a protective sealant after washing.


Fully equipped to deal with any level of remediation or beautification, our expert technicians will have your building sparkling. Trained and certified to industry standards, our specialised equipment allows us to deliver incredible results.

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