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AllAces Cleaning & Restoration offers extensive mould removal and remediation services, including our valuable Mould Inspection & Report package. Our IICRC-certified technicians, available 24/7, serve Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and surrounds, catering to both commercial and residential properties, vehicles, and boats.

Trust the experts when it comes to your mould removal needs. 

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Our Mould Inspection & Report Package 

Our Mould Inspection & Report involves an on-site examination to assess the extent and causes of mould growth, including moisture and humidity measurements with building history analysis, where possible. This results in a detailed report with tailored mould removal and remediation strategies.

Key elements of the report include:

  • Identifying the severity and extent of mould growth 
  • Checking the humidity and moisture levels in the property 
  • Detecting the sources of moisture 
  • Recommendations for root cause rectification and symptom remediation 

Root cause investigations can be aided by conducting laboratory analysis on surface and/or air samples collected from the site. Determining the genera of the mould and overall growth will ultimately allow us to better understand the toxicology of the environment and the amplification history. 

Our Mould Removal & Remediation Services 

Our highly trained and IICRC-certified technicians can implement mould removal and remediation strategies in a vast range of environments. Be it your home, business, vehicle, or furniture, we can eliminate and clean surface mould, as well as harmful airborne mould spores.

Elements of our mould removal and remediation services include:

  • Top-down anti-microbial surface remediation 
  • Air scrubbing and treatments (hydroxyl, ozone, fogging) 
  • Remediation of leather, upholsteryrugscarpets, walls, ceilings and floors 
  • Non-restorable contents removal

Why Engage a Professional?

AllAces Cleaning & Restoration conduct all of our mould removal and remediation services in accordance with the ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mould Remediation. Safeguard the well-being of your family and/or employees by allowing qualified technicians to properly treat the mould in your home or building. Our technicians are experts in the field, with training from both the IICRC and the Australian College of Environmental Studies. 

Trust the experts and contact the AllAces team at 1800 00 10 10 or fill in the form below!


Is black mould poisonous?

Black mould is a broad description for a number of genera of mould that produce harmful mycotoxins and are associated with water damaged buildings. Importantly these dangerous moulds can in fact be different colours depending on the surface it sits on and how much light it gets – so the colour is less important than the genera. If you are concerned about potentially hazardous mould growth, please call AllAces on 1800 00 1010 to discuss the matter.

How can I avoid mould growth?

Keep your home or work place well ventilated, maximise natural light, and minimise humidity (mould thrives in levels of humidity above 60%). There are several, practical activities you can undertake to help greatly reduce the likelihood of mould growth. For example, make use of exhaust fans in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries and allow for natural air flow throughout your home or office.

How can you tell if it is mould?

Mould comes in all shapes and sizes. You can expect mould to grow in damp places with little light. Bathrooms, near air-conditioners or where condensation builds up (such as against poorly insulated walls, or south facing windows) are always prime locations. If you see dark specks forming in areas that match this description, you are likely to experience mould growth. Mould will often emit a musty odour as well.


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