The presence of germs and bacteria can be harmful to our health as they can cause many diseases, especially in children and the elderly. Sanitising is the remedy.

While many companies offer ‘cleaning’ services, this is not always inclusive of a deep sanitisation. The difference is the level of decontamination. Mould is an excellent example. When remediating contents and properties are affected by mould, we do not just remove the mould spores from the surface areas and air. We include the additional step of disinfecting the area to ensure that it is safe for inhabitants and owners.

AllAces Cleaning & Restoration is dedicated to promoting safe and healthy living spaces for our clients and the wider community. We are always happy to help and, are quick to advise our clients should we consider sanitisation to be the best course of action. Our sanitising services are most sought after by clients facing mould, water damage and soiling of soft furnishings.

If you’re interested in disinfecting and purifying your premises, give AllAces Cleaning & Restoration a call on 1800 00 1010 and talk to our friendly staff about your sanitising and testing requirements.


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