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AllAces Cleaning & Restoration can help you with all types of Vinyl floor cleaning, from protecting newly laid Vinyl to bringing your existing Vinyl back to life. Our technicians utilise the latest technology and equipment to ensure your floors are beautifully restored, offering a range of cleaning options for our clients.

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AllAces Cleaning & Restoration know the value of a tailored service and offer three levels of vinyl floor cleaning so that you can select the best option for you. Eager to deliver outstanding results, our technicians are IICRC trained and certified. 

Our three vinyl floor cleaning levels include:

  • Vinyl Buff & Polish: Maintenance for vinyl flooring that has recently been cleaned and does not require intensive work. We will leave your floors spotless and shining.
  • Vinyl Strip & Seal: A facelift for vinyl floor that has not received regular upkeep, or that endures a high level of traffic. We will strip back the original sealant, thoroughly clean the vinyl beneath and then reseal the space. The results will astound you. 
  • Vinyl Sealing: Protection for vinyl flooring that has not yet been properly sealed. We will clean the vinyl and apply multiple layers of sealant to help protect it from wear and tear. 

Why Engage a Professional?

Well maintained vinyl floors last longer, are easier to clean and greatly improve the hygiene of a space. Broken, or cracked sealant can create tripping hazards and become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other contaminants. As such, it is highly recommended that all vinyl flooring receives routine cleaning and resealing. You can ensure the cleanliness and safety of your home or working space with the AllAces vinyl floor cleaning service.

Contact us on 1800 00 10 10 for any further information. 


What does stripping a vinyl floor mean?

Stripping is the process of removing existing sealant from the floor prior to applying a new coat.

How often does a vinyl floor need to be resealed?

The quality of your vinyl flooring, the area and how it is used, help to determine how often your floor will need resealing. Commercial vinyl floors usually require resealing every year or two. For residential vinyl floors, it is recommended to have them resealed every 3 to 10 years.


Our professional service, superior product and proven work methods mean that we deliver excellent hard-wearing results. No matter the size or time of day, AllAces is here to help.

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