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Beyond the obvious health and hygiene risks, the intrusion of sewage water is both stressful and difficult to deal with. When there is a sewage water leak or flood, it is extremely important to contact the professionals for a thorough water extraction and sanitisation. Once the initial source of the leak has been assessed and attended to by a plumber, or other appropriate party, we can make your space safe again.

AllAces Cleaning & Restoration offers a comprehensive sewage removal and decontamination service. We are fully equipped to help you reclaim your home or business as well as mitigate the dangers of any related microbial or bacterial growth and infection. 

With highly experienced, well-trained, IICRC certified technicians, we are ready to step in and reinstate your home or business to full functionality. Whether you need immediate assistance or are simply looking for a restoration company to have on standby, our 24/7 hotline is ready to deliver you the sewage water removal solutions you need. 

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What is Involved

Sewage is categorised as ‘black water, category three’ and, as such, requires special handling and remediation strategies. AllAces Cleaning & Restoration are stringent in our observance of industry and legal guidelines. We are proud to offer you a timely and effective sewage water removal solution. Our various remediation activities include: 

  • Assessment of all carpet, soft underlay and similar materials. Following the S500 standards of the IICRC, for proper cleaning all must be removed. 
  • The proper cleaning and sanitisation of all hard surfaces. 
  • An antimicrobial treatment that sanitises infected surfaces to reduce and eliminate contaminants. 
  • Extraction of excess materials and liquid
  • s until the surface is completely dry. 
  • Odour removal via the use of Hydroxyl machines, or other remediation strategies.  
  • The use of HEPA filters and air scrubbers to clean and deodourise the air. 
  • A wash and wipe down of all requested and accessible space. 
  • The installation of drying equipment where possible. 
  • If necessary, demolition services can be rendered, including gyprock cut out, and other services. 

Why Engage a Professional?

Sewage water removal activities do not allow for any margin of error. It can be a slow progress and requires specialised equipment and procedures to ensure proper extraction and sanitisation. Our AllAces Cleaning & Restoration team follow the S500 standard as specified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. We are fully appraised of all RIA (Restoration Industry Association) guidelines and comply to all state and local government requirements.  

To attempt sewage water removal by yourself, or with the assistance of an unqualified company will lead to improper, ineffective remediation strategies. Dangers of prolonged sewage water include the spread of diseases and viruses, the onset of water related structural damages, pungent odours, and rapid mould growth. As with most emergencies, it is best to contact the professionals and have the problem solved correctly the first time. 


Are you available for emergencies?

Yes, we offer a 24/7 service for emergency work. We are always here to offer assistance when you need it.

Can you provide a certificate of completion?

We can provide you with a completion report, it is not a certified document, but recounts the situation and steps taken to remediate the problem.

Are you certified to conduct sewage remediations?

Yes, our technicians receive IICRC training and are careful to follow RIA and other relevant guidelines when approaching such jobs.

How long will the process take?

Timing is typically determined by the size of the affected area and severity of the incident. Call us at our offices on 1800 00 1010, to discuss you unique circumstances.


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