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Our team of dedicated professionals will help rejuvenate your floors with a comprehensive tile and grout cleaning service. 

You will be astounded at the incredible results following one of our premium tile and grout cleans. Breathe new life into your work or living space by updating your floors, walls, wet areas, outdoor pathways, and driveways. Our cleaning systems are suitable for any size or location from residential housing to extensive commercial spaces.  

If you operate within the hospitality or commercial spheres, our service comes highly recommended to ensure compliance with hygienic standards. Protect your guests, license and reputation with a professional tile and grout clean from AllAces Cleaning & Restoration. 

Call on 1800 00 1010 or contact us through our website to discuss how we can help you find the perfect tile and grout cleaning solution. 

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What is Involved

Our deluxe tile and grout cleaning system has been carefully developed over our 30+ years in the industry. Always adapting the unique circumstances of every job, we have refined our methods to a basic seven-step process: 

  1. Pre-inspection
    Following conversations with our wonderful office staff, our technicians will conduct a pre-inspection before commencing the job to ensure that both parties are fully aware of the scope. 
  2. Moving the Furniture
    Prior to commencing work, our office staff will discuss options to help with the moving of furniture from your tiled space. 
  3. Dry Sweeping
    A dry sweep is carried out to remove dry soils and large particles from the area. 
  4. Cleaning
    The next step is to apply a targeted cleaning solution onto the tile surface. Specific cleaning chemicals are required to bring out the best results in different tile types.  Trust AllAces to make the optimum choice for your tiles and grout. 
  5. High Pressure Steam Cleaning
    Using state of the art truck-mount equipment, the tile surface is cleaned using high temperature and high-pressure steam. 
  6. Dry Mopping
    The tile surfaces are dry mopped with towels. 
  7. Blow Drying
    The tiled-surface area is then blow-dried with high-speed blowers. 

Why Engage a Professional?

Tile and grout cleaning uses commercial grade chemicals that are not safe to be handled by anyone without the proper training or certification. Our AllAces Cleaning & Restoration technicians are experienced professionals with access to some of the industry’s leading equipment. We have worked closely with many hotels, restaurants, and other commercial entities and are proud of our ability to consistently deliver fantastic results. Contact our AllAces team to find out how we can help you set up one-off or routine tile and grout cleaning. 


Are you able to seal or re-colour my tile and grout?

No, these elements are not included in our tile and grout cleaning service.

We are having our whole building cleaned, should we have the tiles done first or last?

Unless under very unique circumstances, we will always recommend having your tiles cleaned first. While we always clean up after our work, the process can be quite messy and it would be a shame to get dirt or dust on your other, newly cleaned, surfaces.

How often should we be getting our tile and grout cleaned?

The recommendation is typically every 12-months, however it really depends on how you use the space and how well it is maintained. A fast-paced kitchen or restaurant will need more frequent attention, while a sleek showroom that is kept in pristine condition might also want more regular servicing to maintain its crisp clean look.

Are there any tiles that you cannot clean?

Yes, we do not work with terracotta or porcelain tiles.


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