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Impress your clients and employees with carpets that reflect the professionalism and integrity of your brand.  

Dedicated to providing a premium service, our highly trained and certified technicians can ensure that you enjoy pristine and hygienic carpets all year round. With over 30 years of experience, be confident that you are getting the best. 

Whether you are a retail store, office building, educational facility, or anything in between, we are here to help. High-rises and multi-building complexes are no issue for our experienced and capable carpet cleaning specialists.  

To fit in with your demanding and fast-paced work schedule, we conduct both after-hours and weekend work. Contact AllAces on 1800 00 1010 to learn more about our carpet cleaning solutions.

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Accredited by the IICRC, CM3 and ATFA, AllAces is proud of our prestigious reputation as exceptionally high-calibre carpet cleaning professionals. Wielding an impressive array of advanced equipment, our certified technicians are ready to fulfill all your carpet cleaning needs. 

AllAces Cleaning & Restoration offer an extensive range of customisable carpet cleaning solutions. Determined to leave you with pristine carpets, we will clean, disinfect, deodorise, and protect them for incredible results. Set up routine carpet cleans to optimise our service even further. 

Tailored to your unique needs, our process will typically begin with a phone call, or on-site inspection to ensure that both parties are fully aware of the job scope. We will discuss all aspects of the job including: 

  • The size of the carpeted area,
  • Your preference for furniture removal,
  • Spot & Stain Treatments,
  • Odour Remediation,
  • Sanitisations,
  • Mould remediation and, 
  • Your preferred timelines.

Once on-site, our technicians will work diligently to restore the lustre to your carpets.  

Why Engage a Professional?

The fast-paced trials of everyday life leave little time to consider the state of your working environment. AllAces Cleaning & Restoration can solve your carpet cleaning problems quickly and efficiently, with little to no interruption to your daily activities. Trained, experienced and certified, we will leave you with a clean, hygienic workplace, impressing both your clients and employees. 


How often should commercial carpets be cleaned?

This answer mainly depends on the nature of your business, your carpet type and your premise's foot traffic patterns. For heavy traffic areas like reception and entrances we would recommend to have your carpet cleaned monthly. For medium traffic areas like administrative offices, cleaning your carpet quarterly would be ideal. For lighter traffic areas like conference rooms, twice a year should be often enough.

Will carpet cleaning be disruptive to my business?

Our equipment is quiet and our technicians are discreet. But if you wish for this service to be performed when no employees or customers are in your premises, then we can schedule the cleaning to be after your opening hours or create a cleaning action plan to clean your carpets in small sections.

Do I have to move furniture?

Carpet cleaning can be done without moving your furniture. However, an empty room is easier to clean and allows us to achieve the best and most thorough clean. We greatly recommend our customers move their furniture away, we are happy to assist with moving any items with our additional Furniture Movement service.

How do I prepare the premises prior to the technician arriving?

We recommend that you remove any fragile and breakable items from the top of the furniture and remove any items from the floor. You should also make sure that no one will access the area during the job and for a couple of hours after the job's completion. If our Pre-Vacuum with Filtration service isn't included in your package you might have to pre-vacuum all areas that are going to be cleaned.


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