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There is a peace of mind in knowing that your work or living area is clean and hygienic. We can help you achieve this with our glass and high-water pressure cleaning services. 

Our technicians are well trained and bring valuable expertise to every job we attend. Capable of catering to both residential and commercial spaces, we are always happy to discuss your needs when it comes to conducting a deep and thorough clean on your premises.  

High water pressure cleaning has multiple applications. It one of the most effective and, when carried out correctly, efficient ways to remove hard compacted grime and dirt. It is also valuable as a method for removing mould, or other staining from hard surfaces. A common example is wooden fences or driveways.  

Impress your guests or clients and enjoy sparkling glass with our thorough glass cleaning service. Our technicians are extremely diligent and will leave your windows, doors, or glass wall dividers in pristine condition. 

Contact AllAces Cleaning & Restoration to discuss how we can help you find the best solutions to your cleaning needs.  

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What is Involved

Our high-water pressure cleaning services are transferable across a very broad range of surfaces. For example, 

  • Concrete, 
  • Pool fencing, 
  • Yard fencing, 
  • Bricks, and 
  • Roofs  

Even more exciting is our large range of applications. High water pressure cleaning is suitable for the removal of: 

  • Mould, 
  • Paint, 
  • Rust, 
  • Dirt, 
  • Grease, and  
  • Grime

Our glass cleaning is fairly traditional, and we will leave your windows, doors and glass ornamentation looking sparkling and new.  

Why Engage a Professional?

Conducting a proper clean is time consuming, physically demanding and quite disruptive to daily activities. Our experienced technicians can perform extensive and thorough cleans efficiently and with great care. We are dedicated to delivering a complete and valuable service and work closely with you to make sure we you are getting exactly what you want. 


Do you clean the windows on high-rise apartments or offices?

No, our max capacity is a 2 storey construct.

Do you do weekend, or nighttime works?

Our typical business hours are Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 5 pm. We can, absolutely, conduct work outside these times, however it will incur a 25% after-hours surcharge.

Can there be people in the building while you work?

High pressure washing is a fairly disruptive exercise as it is loud and occasionally messy. We would prefer to have the space to ourselves while we work, but there is no harm in having the occupants nearby. Glass cleaning is easy to fit around the daily routines of people in the building.

Can you do my entire house?

We are no strangers to conduct whole house cleans and our friendly office staff would love to discuss the scope of the job with you. Call us on 1800 00 1010 to find out how we can help.


Fully equipped to deal with any level of remediation or beautification, our expert technicians will have your building sparkling. Trained and certified to industry standards, our specialised equipment allows us to deliver incredible results.

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