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Employing professional for lead dust removal is important – do not put your workers or clients at risk. If you have discovered lead contamination on one of your sites, do not hesitate, contact AllAces Cleaning & Restoration to have your problem solved. 

The risks of lead do not stop at the health hazards it presents. There are significant fines associated with the mishandling, or improper disposal of it. Protect yourself, your people and your business by seeking expert help. 

Capable of working after hours and weekends, let us step in and help you get back to work as quickly as possible. Save time and money by finding the right solution the first time. 

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AllAces Cleaning & Restoration are stringent in our observance of industry and legal guidelines. Lead contamination is a serious threat to the health and safety of all those with both direct and indirect contact to the source.

Why Engage a Professional?

Lead decontamination does not allow for any margin of error. It can be a slow process and requires specialised equipment and procedures to ensure proper extraction and sanitisation. Our AllAces Cleaning & Restoration team follow very clear guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the process. Do not let your people, clients and their families be subjected to the nasty side effects of lead exposure. Symptoms include: 

  • Irritability,
  • Dips in energy,
  • Appetite loss,
  • Poor coordination,
  • Muscle pains,
  • Headaches,
  • Nausea and vomiting.

Contact the professionals and have the problem dealt with quickly and efficiently. 


Experience, training and industry accreditations allow us to deliver a comprehensive service – managing the risks to ensure you get a safe and permanent solution.

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