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Do not let the fast-paced, high energy demands of your business jeopardise the hygiene or integrity of your kitchen.  Contact AllAces Cleaning & Restoration and enquire about our commercial kitchen cleaning services. 

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced with the right tools to deliver premium results. Give yourself the peace of mind in knowing that the professionals are on the job.  Have your kitchen at hygiene standards with just one phone call. 

Capable of afterhours and weekend work, our technicians will conduct a full top-down clean of your premises including floors, kitchen appliances, dining set-up and fixtures. We can even conduct stringent pest control measures, vinyl strip and seals, and tile and grout cleans.  Upholstery and shop front cleaning options are also available. 

Contact AllAces Cleaning & Restoration to find out how we can provide you with superior commercial kitchen cleaning solutions.  

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The AllAces approach to commercial kitchen cleaning is professional, thorough and highly customisable. We believe in providing a tailored cleaning solution so that you can feel confident and secure in the hygiene standard of your kitchen. Below is just a selection of the services that can be included in our commercial kitchen cleaning package. 

  • Grease and grime removal: impress your kitchen staff and have the appliance gleaming like new with an intensive grease and grime removing service. 
  • Sanitisationensure your kitchen is hygienic and safe as possible with a thorough sanitisation. 
  • Dine-in area clean: Treat your customers to a premium dining experience with a full aesthetic clean of your dining space. 
  • Shop front clean: catch the eye of everyone on the street with a sparkling clean shop front and signage. 

Why Engage a Professional?

The demands of running a kitchen are extremely taxing and time consuming with high expectations of hygiene. Failure to comply with health standards will incur fines and, in extreme cases, closure. AllAces Cleaning & Restoration has a very successful history and long list of satisfied customers in the commercial kitchen cleaning space. Let us help you stay on top of things with our high-quality commercial kitchen cleaning services. Earn yourself a glowing report at your next health inspection – call AllAces today on 1800 00 1010. 


Can you provide a certificate of completion for our health inspector?

We can provide you with a completion report, it is not a certified document, but recounts the works carried out and confirms that your premises have received a professional cleaning service.

How long will the process take?

Our commercial kitchen cleaning services are incredibly detailed and will often take a team of technicians a full one or two days work. We are happy to discuss creative scheduling options to fit around your hours of operation.

Will you clean the inside of the ovens?

Short of taking your appliances apart, we will reach every accessible hard surface there is to clean. Grease and grime will not be an an issue once AllAces Cleaning & Restoration has finished our work.

Do you do after hours and weekend work?

Yes, absolutely. We pride ourselves on offering flexible hours.


Anticipating the fast-paced demands of your business, we offer rapid response services to have your kitchen sparkling and hygienic. Experienced and professional, we stand behind our work offering guaranteed results and ongoing support.

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