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Dealing with the aftermath of a loved one’s passing is an emotionally challenging experience. Amidst the grieving process, there’s often the practical matter of cleaning and organizing their living space. This is where deceased estate cleaning services play a vital role.

Deceased estate cleaners are trained to handle sensitive situations with empathy, compassion, and discretion. They understand the delicate nature of the job and approach it with professionalism and respect. Their services extend beyond mere cleaning, as they are often equipped to assist with tasks such as mould restoration, hazardous waste disposal, and restoration of the property to its original condition. Contact us for professional deceased estate cleaning services.

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Our services are conducted with great care, and we pride ourselves on the consideration we have for the space and possessions handled in the process. We offer a multi-faceted service including:

  • A guarantee to handle all sentimental and confidential items with the care and respect they deserve.
  • Working closely with the family to identify items to keep, discard, sell and/or donate.
  • Systematically sorting, organising and dispatching goods found within the house and on the property, accompanied with a photo inventory of articles handled by our service team.
  • Cleaning of the house interior as well as a basic tidy-up of the yard.
  • Removal of any rubbish or waste from the house and property. 

Why Engage a Professional?

When facing the task of cleaning a deceased estate, engaging a professional cleaning service is highly recommended. The emotional toll of losing a loved one can be overwhelming, and managing the cleaning process on top of everything else can add unnecessary stress. Contact AllAces on 1800 00 10 10 for any further information on deceased estate cleaning services.


Are you able to assist if they passed in the house and have left biohazard materials behind?

Yes, we can help you. If there have been bodily fluids left in the home, we will take great care to restore it.

How long does the deceased estate clean up process usually take?

The duration of the deceased estate clean up process can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the estate, the level of clutter, the extent of cleaning required, and any additional services needed. It is best to consult with the cleaning service provider to get an estimate based on your specific situation. They can assess the estate and provide a timeline that takes into account the necessary tasks and complexities involved.

Can deceased estate cleaning services handle hoarding situations?

Yes, many deceased estate cleaning services are equipped to handle hoarding situations. They understand the unique challenges and considerations involved in cleaning a deceased estate affected by hoarding disorder. These services have experience in working with hoarders and their families, employing specialized techniques, and demonstrating sensitivity and empathy throughout the cleaning process. When contacting a cleaning service, it is important to inquire about their expertise in dealing with hoarding situations specifically.

My client/family member is finding this process very difficult, are you flexible on timing?

We understand that this can be a very distressing, and often traumatic process for everyone involved. We will always try out best to be as flexible as possible, however, we can only work within the parameters of our schedule so delays could push the project as far as a week behind schedule.


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