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Biological hazards are organic substances that present a threat to human health. These biological hazards can include viruses, toxins, spores, fungi, pathogenic micro-organisms, and bio-active substances. Specialised protective gear and equipment is required when cleaning biohazard materials with safety of vital concern for all involved. At AllAces, we have experience dealing with these sensitive and untimely situations and will act with urgency to remove all biohazard contaminations.  

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There are many circumstances in which biohazard decontamination will be required. Most cases can purely involve the cleaning of medical procedure rooms, hospitals, or prison facilities. Unfortunately, the need for biohazard decontamination services will also be required after violent crimes, severe accidents, and deaths. At AllAces we understand the urgency of these cases and can promptly dispatch certified technicians to site. It is our goal to get your property returned safely to you as soon as possible.  

Biohazard contamination events that mandate our services include: 

  • Scenes of homicide and suicide: crime scenes with casualties resulting from violent crime and scenes of suicide.  
  • Accidental deaths: death due to accidents in private or business premises, or terminal illness.  
  • Unattended Deaths: When a person dies alone, and the body is not discovered for a period of time, decomposition and biohazardous materials may require professional cleaning services. 
  • Industrial or commercial accidents: death or loss of limbs by machinery.  
  • Cleaning of motor vehicles: fatal collisions where fluids, decomposition odours and blood could be present.  
  • Forensic cleaning of police correctional facility centres: airborne pathogens, urine, blood, and faeces.  
  • Sharps: needles and other tools that present biohazard risks.  
  • Decontamination of odours.  

Why Engage a Professional?

Biohazardous substances can be extremely dangerous if incorrectly handled or disposed of. Our AllAces technicians have received extensive training and accreditations to handle biohazardous substances safely and efficiently with the correct methods of disposal. In events requiring biohazard decontamination, AllAces licensed solutions can effectively return your property or business to safe conditions.  


What is biohazard decontamination?

The process of removing, cleaning, and disinfecting biological substances that endanger human health or the environment is known as biohazard decontamination. Blood, bodily fluids, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can cause infectious diseases are examples of these substances. To ensure that contaminated areas or surfaces are safe and free of hazardous materials, decontamination is required.

Who requires biohazard cleanup services?

Biohazard decontamination services are critical for a wide range of people and businesses. These include healthcare facilities, laboratories, schools, businesses, public spaces, and homes that may contain biohazardous materials. Decontamination services may be required in hospitals for patient rooms, operating rooms, and other areas where infectious diseases can spread. Decontamination of crime and accident scenes is also required to remove hazardous materials such as blood and bodily fluids.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional biohazard cleanup company?

Hiring a professional biohazard decontamination company has a number of advantages. To begin, professionals have the necessary training, equipment, and experience to remove and dispose of hazardous materials in a safe and effective manner. They also adhere to strict protocols and regulations to ensure that decontamination is done correctly. Furthermore, professional decontamination can help to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, reduce liability and legal risks, and provide individuals and organisations with peace of mind.


One of Australia's most trusted restoration companies, fully equipped to deal with any level of biohazard contamination. Trained and certified to industry standards our advance technologies, expert advice and specialised equipment ensures effective results.

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