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Do you suspect a mould outbreak in your home? Rest assured; you aren’t alone! Mould, unfortunately, grows during any season and anywhere where humidity has reached 60% and over. This leaves most places and items within your property vulnerable to many types of mould infestations. If mould seems present in your property, it may be very beneficial to get a professional inspection to fully understand what kind of issue you are facing. 

At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration, we are dedicated to assisting families and businesses who are struggling with mould. Our IICRC trained and certified technicians are available 24/7 to provide expert mould removal services to properties all over Brisbane! 

Our professional Brisbane mould removal services extend to commercial and residential buildings, vehicles, building contents, and boats. Contact us today to learn more about our Brisbane mould removal and inspection solutions. 

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Our Brisbane Mould Removal Inspection Package  

Our Brisbane mould removal inspection package is an on-site investigation concerned with understanding the full scope of known or suspected mould growth on your property. Our professional mould cleaners conduct a thorough examination, taking moisture and humidity readings, and learning more about the history of the building. We use the information gathered on-site to develop a comprehensive report that outlines the suspected causes of mould growth as well as a range of suitable mould removal and remediation strategies. Key elements of the report include:  

  • Identifying the severity and extent of mould growth  
  • Checking the humidity and moisture levels in the property  
  • Detecting the sources of moisture  
  • Recommendations for root cause rectification and symptom remediation  

Root cause investigations can be aided by conducting laboratory analysis on surface and/or air samples collected from site. Determining the genera of the mould and overall growth will ultimately allow us to better understand the toxicology of the environment and the amplification history.  


Why We Perform Mould Inspections? 


Sometimes, locating the source of mould affecting your property can be difficult. While general mould cleaning solutions might be able to remove your immediate mould issues, they may not stop future growth from reappearing. This is why as mould specialists we perform inspections, to allow us a full analysis of your property and its possible issues causing mould growth. After locating the source and cause of your mould issues, we will send you a full report and recommendations detailing how our professional mould cleaners can help alleviate you of any future problems with mould growth.   

The issues that can arise from mould growth are very varied from some not being a problem to others potentially causing serious risk. From health risks that can affect your breathing to property corrosion concerns, mould should always be treated with concern as it can affect individuals and material types all separately. Have a call with our team today and see how our professional Brisbane mould removal specialists can help you today! 

Have a read here for more information about how mould can be affecting your health and property. 

Why Engage a Professional?

AllAces Cleaning & Restoration conduct all our mould removal and remediation services in accordance with the ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mould Remediation. Safeguard the wellbeing of your family and/or employees by allowing qualified technicians to properly treat the mould in your home or building. Our technicians are experts in the field, with training from both the IICRC and Australian College of Environmental Studies. The correct equipment, handled by professionals, throughout a complete, comprehensive remediation strategy provides the most effective mould removal solution. 


Types of Mould Samples for a Professional Mould Assessment 


professional mould cleaners

While there are many of species of mould, here are some of the main ones we have found warrant a professional mould removal inspection. 

Moulds such as tetraploa, alternaria, torula and curvularia are just some of the more noticeable moulds which may be seen in your house. These types of moulds grow so rapidly when conditions are right that they require full cleanings in order to prevent their spores from spreading. Never underestimate the rate at which mould can grow. While it may start as a small dot on the wall, it can quickly evolve into an odorous, large stain in need of remediation. Our Brisbane mould removal team are ready to deal with these issues as we have extensive experience with all types of mould. Dangerous or not, your mould type should be taken with caution and you could benefit from a mould inspection today to better understand what species may be thriving in your home or property.  


How much is a mould inspection?

Our mould inspections start at $220. Depending on your location to our nearest factory, prices may change as well. Contact our team today to find out more information about our estimated quotes and packages. Our Brisbane mould removal team are available to answer all your questions!

Is black mould poisonous?

Black mould is a broad description for a number of genera of mould that produce harmful mycotoxins and are associated with water damaged buildings. Importantly these dangerous moulds can in fact be different colours depending on the surface it sits on and how much light it gets – so the colour is less important than the genera. If you are concerned about potentially hazardous mould growth, please call AllAces on 1800 00 1010 to discuss the matter.

How can I avoid mould growth?

Keep your home or work place well ventilated, maximise natural light, and minimise humidity (mould thrives in levels of humidity above 60%). There are several, practical activities you can undertake to help greatly reduce the likelihood of mould growth. For example, make use of exhaust fans in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries and allow for natural air flow throughout your home or office.


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