Get water out of your carpet

How to get water out of your carpet

Read our guide below to find out what do you do if your carpet gets wet. Get water out of your carpet now!

There are lots of reasons your house, apartment or business might experience flooding – burst pipe, leaking washing machine, overflowing sink or bath, broken dishwasher, etc. It can be a scary situation and you need to act fast to ensure that there is no permanent damage.

How to get water out of your carpet

1. Determine how bad the situation is

Like all things, there is a scale of how severe your flooding to home or business is. Below is what to do if your carpet gets wet. It has been broken down by spill size. In all instances of flooding or water spillage, acting quickly is key.

  • Small spill – the equivalent of a cup of water – use a clean sponge on your wet carpet to dab it up. The air and hot Australian climate will do the rest.
  • Significant leak or spill – the equivalent of one third a mop bucket – place toweling on your wet carpet and apply considerable pressure (microfiber cloths are best). Position a fan or two to blow on the spill site. Use a domestic water extraction vacuum to suck up the water if you have one available. Setting up a dehumidifier in the room is also a good idea. Both of these items are available at most hardware or home improvement stores.
  • Substantial water event – anything more than a medium spill – continue to step 2.

2. If necessary, call a water restoration company.

It sounds like the typical sales spiel, but it simply isn’t. There is only one way to ensure that water is completely extracted from your carpets – with commercial grade tools and equipment. Domestic water extractors are only effective at removing water from the top layer of your carpet, if that. You will not be able to reach the underlay and certainly not the subfloor. Call in the professionals or risk mould, odour, and structural damage to your home. It’s that straightforward.

Calling in the professionals is also the best way to instill confidence that your floors are, in fact, dry. Professional water restoration companies, such as AllAces, take moisture and humidity readings throughout the drying process. Guided by the industry leading standards of the IICRC and RIA, they will work until your carpets are truly dry and not just dry to the touch. Remember, the underlay and subfloor also need to be dry to prevent mould growth and odour.

3. Protect your belongings.

Don’t leave your furniture or other household items to sit in the water for too long as they will get damaged. Read our article on what to do if your carpet gets wet for some steps to take when faced with a flooded interior.

If you are concerned about a flood or spill in your home, contact AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010 or simply fill out the form below – we can help you get water out of your carpet!

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