Cleaning Nubuck Leather

The quality of genuine nubuck leather is determined by the cow’s living conditions. If you took a good look at the surface, you’d notice certain characteristics like blemishes, scrapes, colour disparities and numerous grain wrinkles. On occasion you’d even find scars or evidences of insect bites. These are all features of genuine leather – but don’t think of them as imperfections. Consider them as beauty spots that distinguish authentic leather from the man-made variety.

To highlight its superior quality, genuine leather needs proper attention. Below are a few helpful guidelines for maintaining nubuck leather.

A leather lounge made from Nubuck Leather which is also known as suede leather

Nubuck Leather Characteristics

Care Instructions for Nubuck Leather Goods

  • Keep your leather items away from direct sunlight. Sunlight tends to hasten the fading of nubuck leather, so be sure to distance your furniture from windows, skylights or glass doors.
  • As much as possible, keep your leather furniture at least two feet away from heat sources such as radiators or vents. Sustained exposure to heat causes the leather to dry out.
  • Vacuum at least once a week to keep the leather free from dust.
  • Wipe off any surface dirt using the Leather Master Nubuck Cleaning Cloth. Simply fold a soft, dry sponge into the cleaning cloth, and then rub the leather in various directions. This will lift off any dirt and soiling on the surface of the leather. The buffing action will also restore the velvety texture, reviving areas that have become smooth and flat from wear.
  • All leather products can benefit from preventive maintenance. Apply the Leather Master Nubuck Protector to make it more resistant to dirt and stains. Pay special attention to areas that are most prone to friction, such as arm rests, back rests and seats.
  • Treat water-based stains with the Leather Master Nubuck Cleaner. Squeeze a small amount onto a soft sponge, and then apply the foamy substance onto the affected area. Rub the material to remove the stain. For oil-based stains, use the Leather Master Degreaser. After drying, buff the surface with the Nubuck Cleaning Cloth to restore the leather to its original texture. Finish off with the Nubuck Protector to prevent soiling and staining.