Cleaning Aniline Leathers

Each piece of Aniline leather reveals a lot of information as to how and under what conditions the cow lived. This is because the effects of life are directly reflected by the animal’s hide. On close examination, you will find scratches, scars from healed wounds, colour variations, varied grain wrinkles, scrapes and even occasional insect bites. Such natural markings on leather indicate that it is genuine. In fact, it is these marks that differentiate a natural product from a man-made one. The efforts you take to follow the care as well as maintenance tips that we have provided will help you in meeting the upkeep expectations of your Aniline leather.

A leather lounge made from Aniline Leather which is also known as natural leather.

Characteristics of Aniline Leathers

  • Excellent hand or comfort
  • Visible natural markings
  • Low resistance to fading
  • Normal colour shading
  • Moderate clean-ability, but it increases dramatically with usage of Leather Master Protection Cream

Tips for Caring of your Aniline Leather

Your Aniline leather furniture will also be known as Natural, Unprotected, Naked, or Pure Leather.

  • Keep your furniture at a distance of minimum two feet from any heat source. Exposure to heat radiators or vents for a prolonged period of time dries out your leather.
  • Do not place your furniture where direct sunlight falls. This is because all materials tend to fade over time if placed under direct sunlight, especially Aniline leathers which are extremely sensitive to sunlight. Avoid placing Aniline leathers under skylights or in windows.
  • Like any other item in your house, accumulation of dust can happen on leather as well. On a weekly basis, use Leather Master Soft Cleaner on a lightly dampened soft cloth to remove the dust. On your vacuum cleaner, you can also use a soft brush attachment in order to completely remove the dust particles from the surface of Aniline leather and make it suitable for people who are sensitive to dust.
  • All types of leathers last longer if you do preventative maintenance on a regular basis. Application of Leather Master Protection Cream on the surface of aniline leathers helps you to keep it clean, resist staining and prevent soiling in general. However, you must pay specific attention to protect areas like arms, seats and backs that are put to heavy use.
  • As a routine procedure, clean your furniture thoroughly with Leather Master Soft Cleaner once in every six months so as to remove dirt and any gradual perspiration and body oils accumulation. Further, more frequent cleaning of Aniline leathers may be required if you place the furniture upholstered with this leather in areas such as a TV room where they are subjected to heavy use. It is also important to apply the Protection Cream once again to Aniline leather after cleaning to enhance the protection level.

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