Cleaning Delicate Fabrics on Your Furniture

For delicate fabrics and those that are not colour-fast, Blind Pelmets and curtains as well as areas that need to be cleaned with low levels of moisture, it is safe to use the Dry Foam Process.

This cleaning procedure is more of a maintenance procedure than restoration cleaning. We make use of this procedure only when we are not in a position to implement the Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning procedure.

Procedure for Cleaning Delicate Fabrics

  1. Pre-inspection involves identification of fabric fibre and surveying for locating spots and stains. An evaluation of the fabric is carried out and professional advice is provided.
  2. Dry vacuuming is done with the help of a hospital-grade filter. Dry vacuuming helps to remove more than 70 percent of dry soils.
  3. Foam is then applied to the fabric with the help of sponges to break down soils and sweat. It encapsulates the soil.
  4. The next step is to carry out dry vacuuming with the help of extraction equipment. This helps to remove all residues as well as more soils.
  5. The dry vacuuming process is followed with deodorisation misting so that the fabric smells great.
  6. Dry towelling is then done to pick up whatever soiling is left behind and make the fabric dry.
  7. The last step is to use high-speed air movers so that your upholstery becomes completely dry before we leave your premises.

Photo of a bed room that delicate fabrics in the curtains

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