Pest Control for Cockroaches on the Sunshine Coast

The most annoying thing about cockroaches is the fact that they carry and distribute organisms that cause fatal human diseases including gastroenteritis, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, tuberculosis and hepatitis. When you suffer food poisoning from salmonella, chances are always high that a cockroach delivered the germs. This capability to carry disease causing organisms is even boosted by their ability to hide in any little space they find such as cracks or crevices; and with free transportation by trains, planes and even ships, cockroaches can move around so easily. This means the different species of cockroaches around the world can easily find their way into your house, such that you will always have a combination of species -all posing varying risks to your family and the pets in your home.

To shield you from such risks, we have tailored our Sunshine Coast cockroach control services to cover all the places where the cockroaches may have infested in your home or office, using products that have been proven to be safe around homes and business premises.

What we offer

Our Pest Control Division has been operating on the Sunshine Coast since 1995. We have qualified technicians through QLD Health in cockroach eradication.

All Aces Sunshine Coast cockroach control service is aimed at areas most frequented by cockroaches which include white goods, kitchen cupboards, roofs and sub floor voids. And since the days of emptying the cupboards are long gone, we treat the hideouts with effective gels which will help to bait the cockroaches and eventually eliminate them.


The length of time it will take our treatment to clear all cockroaches will depend on the magnitude of the infestation; it is possible that you will see a number of cockroaches drying up and some dead. This is a good indication that the cockroaches are ‘responding to the treatment’; after a while your environment will be free of cockroaches.

Don’t wait; we have the best cockroach control solutions on the Sunshine Coast. Take action as soon as you see the first cockroach in your house because if you leave them unchecked they will quickly expand in numbers within a few days and pose a risk to your health and safety.

The Sunshine Coast Pest Control division gives a 12 months warranty on cockroach eradication.

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