Pest Control for Carpet Pests, Moths & Beetles

Carpet pests, beetles and moths are among the small group of fungi, insects and micro-organisms with the capability to digest keratin – the protein component of hair, feathers and fur among others. This peculiar ability of pests to digest keratin, combined with our inevitable and extensive use of materials that contain the keratin, is the foundation of the myriad of problems we encounter due to pest infestation. But since we cannot do without the materials, we definitely have every reason to do away with the pests and set our ‘keratin’ based materials like carpets free of pest damages which can be extremely costly.

The carpet pests also enjoy feeding on items that have been contaminated with organic components such as spilled body fluids, fungal spores and spilled food-which is ‘readily available’ on our carpets. Most of the damaging will be done by the larvae, and it will often do so and go unnoticed until much later when the carpet is visibly destroyed.

At All Aces, our foremost priority is to get rid of the carpet beetles or moths from your home or office; and execute sustainable preventive measures. We strongly discourage you against using products such as crystals and cedar oil because while they can indeed kill some carpet beetles and clothes moths, they cannot repel the pests. Essentially, they are of insignificant value and will only run you into unnecessary expenses. Other methods like fumigation can be effective but you need professional pest managers first to inspect and advise if it’s necessary in your situation before proceeding with it. Neither should you be tempted to go for total-release aerosols because they are not likely to kill pests that may be hidden inside huge items.

Feel free to reach us through our pest control division on the Sunshine Coast as soon as you suspect any level of infestation by carpet pests. We will immediately make arrangements to have your premises thoroughly inspected with the objective of identifying and eliminating the source completely.

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