Oriental Rug Washing and Persian Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are a speciality for a number of countries, including Turkey, Egypt, North Africa, France, Spain, Ireland, Romania, India and China.

Some of these countries produce hand woven rugs, such as the Soumak, Kilim, Dhurrie and Navajo. These are really beautiful but they also require a lot of care. There are also machine made rugs, such as tufted rugs and those by Axminster Wilton.

Chinese rugs are among the most intricate types of oriental rugs, and you should avoid trying to clean them yourself at home. These rugs should not be chemically washed as they may easily fade and their thickness will degrade too. Stain removal on Chinese rugs is even more complicated as they cannot be cleaned with stain removal products.

Each type of oriental rug is unique and it needs to be properly cleaned to ensure it remains in good condition. This where All Aces Cleaning & Restoration can help you.

Oriental rugs lined up

Our Certified Master Rug Cleaner is an expert in oriental rug washing. Having studied all types of rugs from different countries all over the world during his studies in Dallas, Texas, he is an experienced rug cleaner and he has shares his skills and expertise to train all our cleaning staff.

We use a range of cleaning methods to clean various types of oriental rugs. These include:

  1. Basic rug washing
  2. Cold, warm and hot water extraction cleaning
  3. Dry compound cleaning
  4. Steam cleaning
  5. Dry cleaning
  6. Encapsulation cleaning

Oriental rugs are considered to be a work of art by many.

That’s how we see them too, even though we see many rugs a day! Each rug is unique and has its own specific cleaning needs. Moreover, not all types of cleaning methods are suitable for all rugs. We appreciate this as our main aim is your complete satisfaction with our cleaning services.

If you truly want professional Oriental Rug Cleaning and Washing in Brisbane, we are your best option. So make sure to contact All Aces Services on 1800 00 1010 for all your oriental rug cleaning needs.