Emergency Response Vehicles

The right restoration equipment is needed in order to make sure the various surfaces in your home remain safe and intact after water damage occurs.

Our Emergency Response Vehicles are designed and equipped to address all the critical items needed to keep your surfaces intact.

Our specialist equipment includes a series of air movers to help keep your spaces intact, that include:

  • 16 high-speed movers
  • 18 Phoenix Focus axial fans
  • A medium ventilator fan; and
  • 3 air scrubbers

The Right Equipment

We also have extraction tools to assist. These include the Flood Master and Hydro Xtreme extraction tools, that will certainly get the job done.

We even use the Slurpee Pump with a carpet wand as needed.

The Injecti-dry solution is also used with ten drying panels to assist as well.

We use this to make it easier for your surface to feel and look its best. A heating box is included alongside dehumidifying tools. We have Protect-It dehumidifier trays to use for your surface to make it look its best. Sometimes your furniture has to be moved around as well. We have sliders to move furniture on all surfaces so the cleaning process will be easier to use. Right down to extra long extension leads to get our equipment into more places. We also have flashing and fold-out signs, odour control materials and focus stands to ensure our cleaning plans run with ease. We even have carpet laying tools and moisture meters and drills.