Forensic Decontamination Services

Offering a cleaning service that includes forensic decontamination needs an experienced, empathetic team.

It takes a team of  people with a big hearts and an immense level of understanding for the witnesses and victims when a vicious crime has occurred and for the trauma that follows. Having been in the policing field, we have come across the most disturbing scenarios and sufferings of people, so we are very able to comprehend the impact of these events on people as well as to the emergency crew attending these scenes.

Safety is paramount

We understand that personal safety and precautions are vital for a conducive working environment in these situations. To effectively manage scenes that have the potential of injury and if the site is contaminated, all of the staff of All Aces Services are required to adhere to the Biohazard Response Protocols to effectively and safely manage the scene.

Our process

We understand the risks associated in our efforts to contain contamination and limit the risk of pathogen exposure to humans, especially in handling sensitive materials like blood, animal remains and decomposing bodies, toxic chemicals, bodily fluids, blood borne pathogens (viruses and bacteria), odours and any other form of compound that may pose a risk to anyone.

We understand that our clients and their families appreciate and value privacy and discretion.  

Given the trauma that results from an act of violence or crime, it is highly advised that our clients desist from entering the scene of crime unless completely necessary because of the potential psychological repercussions that such scenes are likely to impact on a victim and also the family as whole and more so due to the risk of being exposed to a biohazard before and after forensic decontamination.

Even though your All Aces Services personnel are experienced and qualified, what makes us stand out from the rest is our ability to cooperate with the authorities in assessing and managing the incidents resulting in better outcomes for all concerned.

Forensic Decontamination of Crime Scenes

Forensic decontamination requires sensitivity.

When is forensic decontamination necessary?

  • Restoration of a trauma and crime scene: with regards to robberies, break and enter, assaults – where other chemical techniques are used in collection of evidence including use of finger print powder by police investigators in search of evidence.
  • Scenes of homicide: scenes with casualties resulting from violent crime and scenes of murder).
  • Suicide: stabbings, gunshot, overdose, gassing or hanging.
  • Accidental deaths: death due to accident in private or business premises or terminal illness.
  • Crime scenes or assault in public area: contamination of streets and footpaths by blood because of assaults.
  • Industrial or commercial accidents: death or loss of limbs by machinery.
  • Cleaning of motor vehicles: fatal collisions where fluids, decomposition odours and blood could be present.
  • Forensic cleaning of police correctional facility centres: airborne pathogens, urine, blood and faeces.
  • Decontamination of odours.

Service availability and associated cost

All Aces Cleaning and Restoration technicians operate around the clock in Brisbane and they can also travel to other areas like the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

Given the unrelated nature of assignments in our field, we understand the confusion that might be related with the cost of hiring our services. Regardless, our intention is to offer proper technology and manage the situation at hand amicably while offering cleaning forensic services.

Depending on the location and the intensity of the situation, a service call (or in the case of after hours a call out fee) will be applicable when the forensic services are required. If necessary, after a police consultation, a validation and assessment of the services will be completed once on site by the technicians. Though some cases may require thorough restoration, in some instances we are able to offer complete forensic cleaning and quotes promptly.

In case any issues develop, your technicians will explain at this time and offer solutions that maybe of assistance.

Rely on All Aces Cleaning and Restoration to complete the restoration, assess and manage all the services in a careful and thoughtful manner at the end of it all. Ph. 1800 10 10.

All Aces also provides comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning and decontamination services to government, commercial and residential facilities across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and northern NSW. We are able respond to critical and emergency situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.