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All Aces Cleaning & Restoration offers both commercial and residential flea control services using an integrated approach of inspection and source identification.

Your blood is the one component of your body that fleas love; it is very ‘important’ particularly to the female fleas because they use it to nourish their developing eggs.

The Facts

In fact, for every meal of blood the female fleas enjoy, they lay a maximum of 4 eggs! So the more they ‘hang’ around you and suck your blood, the more they will reproduce. They prefer to stay in warm, humid conditions, conducive for larvae development. Fleas like to bite and suck blood especially around the ankles and lower legs, leading to persistent irritation due to saliva injection. Even more worrying is the fact that they are actually very dangerous carriers of diseases notably plague and endemic typhus-with the latter having been found to occur in Australia. Fleas can also transfer some intestinal worm parasites of cats and dogs to human beings, though not very common because one must swallow the infected flea.

Evidently, the potential risks of fleas are many and so their control must be equally robust but safe enough especially considering that they are introduced to our homes by our lovely pets, particularly cats and dogs. Any intervention therefore needs to ensure that the fleas are professionally managed and safely driven out of our home or office environment. This is exactly what we offer you through our Brisbane flea control services.

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We offer both commercial and residential flea control services in Brisbane; using an integrated approach that involves inspection and source identification. Our primary goal is to help you solve the problem of fleas in a way that does not expose your family and business environment to risk. It is safe, extremely effective and covers the external and internal areas of your home or office. We will trace the fleas to their common hideouts and drive them out.

All Aces Brisbane Flea Control Services are based on the understanding that any successful flea management must focus on all the areas that are most frequented by pets as well as those that are equally likely to attract fleas, such as dirt collection points. This way, we have been able to provide consistently outstanding flea control solutions in Brisbane.

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