Pest Control Targeted at Carpet Moths & Beetles

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration offers a professional pest control service for domestic and commercial premises.

Whilst  you can take steps to manage carpet pests, including beetles and moths, it will not be as effective as a professional service.  Our carpet pest control solutions are effective and aimed at eradicating and preventing further infestations.  How do you know you have an infestation?  Learn about Carpet Moths and Beetles here.

Carpet beetles and cloth moths are particularly notorious because they can feed on most categories of fibres including wool, silk and leather, causing serious damage to your carpets at home and office. They will even attack synthetics as long as the fabric is soiled with food remains or stains, animal excrement, or body oils.

Photo of a carpet mothYou will hardly notice these carpet pests because they like to live and feed in very quiet and dark areas around the house such as closets, drawers, between the walls, basements, storage boxes and roof cavities. In this unnoticed nature, the carpet pests can cause destruction worth millions; but even worse, they can cause allergies and carry diseases.


Professional pest control is necessary to ensure pests are eliminated successfully; and this is exactly what we offer at All Aces Cleaning & Restoration. We also offer inspection services to determine the presence of the carpet pests, beetles and moths, as well as the extent to which they may have damaged your carpets.

Our approach is based on a deeper understanding of the factors that favour these pests and the need to use solutions that will not pose a threat to the environment around your home or commercial premises.

We follow a carefully designed pest control program to ensure all pesticides are used judiciously and sensitively, taking into account the uniqueness of every environment.

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