Pest Control to Safely Remove Bees and Wasps

Got a bee problem? All Aces Cleaning & Restoration will fix it.

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Home-owners are concerned with the likelihood of their homes being infested with bees or wasps. And we all have a good reason to worry because despite being among some of the most useful group of insect pests given the role they play such as pollination of flowering plants, bees and wasps can also cause damage. It has been found for instance that of the deaths reported every year from arthropod stings or bites, bees, wasps and hornets account for close to 30%. This calls for effective solutions to ensure bees and wasps are professionally controlled to avoid the risks they pose to our families, pets and the environment.

Inspection, Identification and Treatment

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration offers a bee and wasp control service that involves thorough inspection, identification and treatment options to target various species of bees and wasps, using a safe combination of chemicals and techniques to seal and deny them entry into your home or business premises.

Our solutions are cost-effective and friendly to the environment, with the ability to control bees and wasps in commercial and residential areas. We deliver our services professionally, bearing in mind that bees and wasps will require their hives and nests to be removed for total control.

Photo of a wasp

Knowing there are different species of bees and wasps around Brisbane, we always seek to identify the specific species in your property to enable us design a special treatment solution for your home or office. All Aces’ maintenance program will involve frequent treatments of new bee hives and wasp nests to ensure they do not regain entry into your property.

We welcome you to contact us with any bee or wasp problems you may be experiencing, we will definitely have a solution for you. Call us on 1800 00 10 10.

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