Masters of Disaster: Sewage Spills

Masters of Disaster: Sewage Spills

Our AllAces technicians were called to a job where there had been an incident where three waste pipes had backed up, which caused sewage spills and wastewater to flood the lower level of an entire building. This water was classed as “black water” and can be quite dangerous when left to sit in an area, so it was important that we arrived on site as soon as possible and began to work quickly to extract water with our Flood Pumper. After this, we applied an anti-microbial solution to sanitise the area and make it safe.

Once majority of the wastewater had been extracted, we installed air scrubbers with HEPA filters to clean the air and ensure that it was breathable and sanitary to allow our AllAces technicians to continue working safely in the area.

Then, we sent our technicians to thoroughly clean and hot wash the area using mops, sponges, cloths, and professional cleaning products including anti-microbial solution to eliminate and decontaminate the area.

In the situation that there is a lot of damaged items, we can either arrange to pick up the damaged contents such as carpet, underlay, and smooth edge or we can arrange to have a skip at the property. Removing damaged items is an important process to speed up the drying process after sewage spills. In this case, we organised a skip to be on site so that damaged carpet, underlay, and smooth edge could easily be disposed of.

Once our technicians had removed all the damaged contents and thoroughly cleaned the area, the drying process started. We left our air scrubbers running to ensure the air was safe and we set up 9 axial fans to dry the area. We also installed a hydroxyl machine to thoroughly cleanse the air in the area by removing and dust and mould particles that might be present in the air. Thy hydroxyl machine is state of the art and all our customers who have had it on site at their premises comment on how fresh the air is left.

Due to the size of the affected area and the fact that the subfloor was concrete, the sewage spill would take 11 days to dry completely. Drying concrete takes longer than drying wood. This is due to the density of the concrete and the way that it traps moisture. However, it is important that the subfloor was dried out properly prior to the new carpet, underlay and smooth edge being laid. If the subfloor is wet when the carpet, underlay and smooth edge are replaced it increases the chance of mould growing in the area. Once mould is present in carpet, the carpet must be removed as it is un-restorable.

Our customer was extremely happy with the results of this job. They were impressed because of how fast we removed the sewage spills and wastewater and how significantly we reduced the odour.

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