Diesel Fuel Odour Removal

A client from Yeronga recently called our All Aces Services offices with a very serious odour removal request. They had experienced a diesel spill in the back of their Toyota Land Cruiser, and were pretty desperate to have it cleaned and restored. For this job, we called in Ray, our technician who is very qualified in odour control. Since diesel fuel can be very dangerous, it was necessary for Ray to know how to remove […]

How to Remove Urine Smell

All Aces Services were recently called to attend an inspection to remove urine smell which took place at a property located in Zillmere. The reason for our visit and the inspection was that the owner of the property had been complaining of an odour which was present in the property. According to the owner’s report, the last time which the carpets had been cleaned was in November of 2011, by another carpet cleaning company which […]

How to Remove Cat Urine Smell from Carpet

On Wednesday, February 8th, All Aces Services in Brisbane was called to attend a cat urine odour removal job, which was located in New Farm. The homeowners had made the call after two of their cats urinated inside the house. As many people know, cat urine has a very strong odour, which is extremely hard to get rid of. This is partially due to the fact that the urine contains protein, which cats will use […]

Odour Removal and Smelly Carpets

Have you ever moved into a house and the house stinks? You wish that you could have the odour removed. You think it is just because the house has been locked up so you open up the house and try and keep it well ventilated. This seems to ease the smell. When you go away for a long weekend and return home, the house stinks again. The first thing you realise is that it is […]

Water and Urine Affected Carpets

We received an urgent call to attend to a property at Raceview for water damage. A pipe had burst in the vanity unit causing flooding to a three bedroom home. Due to the water damage, the tenants had quickly vacated the property. We headed straight out there and took moisture readings throughout the property. The loungeroom had a very high moisture content. We lifted the carpet to realise that a dog had been using the […]

Pesky URINE damage on rugs

Whether it be because the dog likes the feel of the rug, or the cat is marking its territory, or they are both just plain lazy – there is no doubt that pet urine can do some real damage to our most valuable rugs. In some cases it may not be because the rug is of a high dollar value, but more so the sentimental value, that requires the rug to be restored. The biggest […]