How to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home

Many homes in Brisbane have carpet floors because carpets bring a luxurious and cozy ambience in any room in the home. The comfort you get from walking on fresh and clean carpet is priceless. If you know the right way to clean and maintain your carpet, it can have a long life. Carpet is easy to maintain, cost-effective to have, quick to install, and very versatile to complement the colour and theme of any room. […]

Is Carpet Protection Really Worth It?

We at All Aces Services are happy to see how our customers in Southeast Queensland react when they see that their once dirty carpet looks bright and colourful again after we perform professional cleaning. It is always a pleasure for us to see how amazed our customers can get. Unfortunately over time, carpet gets re-soiled. How we wish your carpets stay clean and fresh forever! When your carpet gets re-soiled, it is important that you […]

Preparing Your Home before Professional Carpet Cleaning

So you’ve scheduled an appointment with All Aces Services, and now you’re wondering what to do before our friendly and courteous technicians arrive at your home and clean your dirty carpets? There are some things you should do before professional carpet cleaners arrive at your home. Check out the following things. The first thing to consider is the area or room you would like to be cleaned. Once you’ve decided which room to be cleaned, […]

Creepy Crawlies in Your Carpets

Do you know that there are creepy crawlies in your carpets if they are dirty? Dirty carpets are a sanctuary of tiny creepy creatures. If only you need to just worry about spills or stains about your carpet! Bugs are not the only thing lurking in your carpet; there are also nasty little things you can’t see. Let’s discover what these creepy crawlies are and what you can do to remove them. Bugs They love […]

Anti-Bacterial Treatment for Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs can be a source of unwanted microbes and bacteria. Fungi can thrive in moist areas under carpets and rugs and they create musty odours. Carpets and rugs can trap dirt and spills within their fibres, which can lead to odours, staining, and deterioration if not cleaned and sanitised properly. If these unwanted and unhealthy microorganisms thrive in your carpet and rug, anti-bacterial treatment must be done to remove them. The growth of […]

Removing Dog Hair from Carpet and Furniture

Pets like dogs are part of our family. We treat our dogs like they are members of the family that need kindness, love, and affection. There are times, however, that our dogs leave a lot of hair on carpets and furniture. Dog hair on carpets and furniture can become a nuisance, especially when it’s shedding time. Dog hair, no matter how you try to prevent it, can give your carpet and furniture an unattractive sight. […]

How to Deodorise Carpet

Your carpet is a wonderful addition to your home. It gives comfort and improves the appearance of your home but it attracts dirt and odours, too. From cooking to pets to kids, your carpet is exposed to a lot of activities. Carpet odour, therefore, is inevitable. Carpet odours are annoying. We’re sure you do not want such odours to linger in your home. Unfortunately, even if you use scented candles and sprays, these odours stay […]

Make Your Carpet Last Longer

At last, your new carpet has been installed. It makes your home look more elegant. It looks great. It complements the colour of the drapes, the chairs, and other furniture. It makes the room more relaxing and comfortable. It is exactly what you dreamed of. Your carpet may be one of the biggest investments you’ve made. It is not cheap. It makes a huge difference in the looks of your home. So when you’ve spent […]

Cleaning Your Home for the Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner! Most of us are already busy preparing for the holiday season. It is the time of the year when family and friends arrive at our home. Imagine how wonderful it will be to welcome your family and friends in your beautiful and clean home. It is very challenging however to clean your house by yourself. Making your home look immaculately clean is not out of your reach. You can […]

Making Your Home Healthier With Our Carpet Cleaning Tips

One way to keep your home a healthy living space for your family is keeping your carpet clean and fresh. Effective carpet cleaning can improve not only the appearance of your home but, most importantly, you and your family’s health. Our carpet cleaning specialists at All Aces Services prepared some useful carpet cleaning tips that can ensure a healthier home for you and your family. Tip #1 – Vacuum the carpet thoroughly and regularly This […]