Cleaning Water Damaged Carpets In Your Home

At All Aces Cleaning & Restoration we’re proud of our excellent success rate for cleaning water damaged carpets. We have the right cleaning equipment and cleaning products to fix many problems.

We handle all types of wet carpets and can even restore them back to a condition better than they were prior to being damaged!  We restore and remove water stains from the following types of carpet/rugs.

Wool | Nylon | Polypropylene | Acrylic | Cotton | Silk | Rayon | Silk | Art Silk

Photo of water damaged carpetsWe also remove the odours associated with clear and grey water damaged carpet and rugs by misting under the carpet and treating with an anti-microbial (bacterial treatment).

The biggest problems in cleaning water damaged carpet are stains and cellulosic browning. In Australia we have a lot of jute backings on our carpets and when this gets wet it leaves a stain through to the top of the carpet. This is easily fixed by a browning treatment, a specialised product to neutralise and remove staining. This can be quite difficult for the average carpet cleaner but all of the All Aces Services technicians are trained and qualified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification and browning removal is part of our normal day.

Another common problem is rust stains, which are actually quite straight forward to remedy. The difficult part is stain transfers when an item gets wet and the colour runs on to the carpet and dyes the fibre. These are very hard to guarantee 100%.

Cleaning Services we offer for Water Damage

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