Carpet Cleaning for High-rise Apartments

We have a carpet cleaning package available for high-rise apartments.

Excellent carpet cleaning requires an understanding of the technical processes and the All Aces Cleaning & Restoration Technicians are experienced and skilled in this.

Carpet Cleaning Process for High-rise Buildings

All Aces Services does carpet cleaning in high rise apartment buildings

For high-rise apartments, our move out cleaning package is a 3 step process:

  1. Pre-inspection involves identification of the carpet’s fibres and a stain and spot survey.
  2. Pre-conditioning of the carpet with deodorising.  Hot detergents are applied to the carpet in order to remove stains and spots. These detergents will immediately start working on your carpet. We use the right detergents for specific fibres.
  3. Steam extraction involves our state of the art equipment, the RX-20 Rotary Steam Extractor, that delivers vacuum and higher heat to your carpet, making your carpets cleaner and dryer.

Note: We can use high-speed air movers for carpet cleaning in residential and commercial premises. This can be important since it speeds up the drying of the carpet hence the cleaning process will minimise the interference on daily activities of businesses premises or homes.

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration offer quality packages that will ensure that your carpet is cleaned to exceptionally high standards.

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