BridgePoint Maxim and Guardsman Protector

You must understand HOW protectors work so you know why the benefits are real.

Surface Tension

When BridgePoint Maxim and Guardsman is applied to a fibre, it creates increased surface tension so that any liquid that is spilt on it will find it hard to penetrate the surface of the fibre. If spills can’t penetrate the fibre (ie. they simply bead up on the carpet or fabric) they are easier to clean up and cannot cause a stain.

Coating Mechanism

The penetration ability of BridgePoint Maxim and Guardsman enables them to coat the entire fibre easily. So, even if a spill happens from high above the carpet (eg. from a table or bench top), it can move down towards the base of the carpet, but the fibre is still protected. Clean up is still so easy.

Benefit 1: Carpets/Fabrics will look newer and stay cleaner longer

If spills and soil can’t penetrate the fibre, fabrics and carpet will look cleaner longer. This is a great benefit considering the large investment people make in carpeting their homes.

Benefit 2: Carpets Last Longer

Soiling can cause premature wear to carpets. Traffic lane areas can ‘ugly out’ and cannot be effectively cleaned any more. Carpets are therefore replaced long before they are due which is a costly exercise. Using BridgePoint Maxim and Guardsman along with proper maintenance of the carpet (regular vacuuming) can prevent this from occurring.

Benefit 3: Carpet Cleans Better

Dry vacuuming by the customer will be much more effective and easier, as is spot cleaning. You will also achieve excellent cleaning results when next time you clean your customer’s carpets.

Benefit 4: Spotting Easier

Using BridgePoint Maxim and Guardsman gives the customer time to attend to the stain before permanent damage may occur. On-sell a spotter to your customer to ensure she uses the right product and doesn’t apply something that may set a stain.

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