Basic Dry Carpet Cleaning using Dry Fusion

Dry carpet cleaning is a recent technology suitable for today’s carpets containing modern fibres.

With dry carpet cleaning, you will avoid the high pH solutions that can make your carpet age quickly. You will also avoid the conventional water flushing process which involves spraying and soaking your carpet with water which can easily damage its delicate material. Also, the use of detergents in the cleaning process can leave sticky residues which attract more dirt and oily substances.

This process can also be used to clean your traditional carpets. The dry carpet cleaning process will remove dirt and soil safely without having to use lots of moisture or water. This will not only protect your carpet from getting damaged, but it will also enable it to last longer. Moreover, the carpet will be deodorised and will also be protected from dirt spots and stains.

The Dry Carpet Cleaning Process with Dry Fusion

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Dry Fusion carpet cleaning is a cleaning process that has a lasting effect on the carpet, coupled with smoothness and brightness of its colour and design. It is important for one to properly understand this process before making up their mind whether they require our carpet cleaning services. The following steps will help you understand the Dry Fusion carpet cleaning and treatment process:

Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning Machine

  1. Carpet Inspection: The carpet is checked by our qualified technicians to establish the kind of fibres used. They also check for spots and stains.
  2. Initial Vacuum Procedure with Filtration: This step involves a dry vacuuming process that removes up to 70% of dirt and dry soil coupled with a high quality filtration which is usually used in industrial settings.
  3. Movement of Furniture: Normally, various pieces of furniture have to be moved around in the house to allow cleaners to efficiently carry out the cleaning process.
  4. Pre-Conditioning with Spotting: Various types of detergents are used in this process depending on the type of fibres your carpet has. Our professional cleaners use unique hot detergents to condition the carpet and also remove specific stains and spots.
  5. Rotary Agitation: This cleans up to 30% better and also uses an agitation pad to loosen soiling from the carpet fibres.
  6. Dry Carpet Cleaning coupled with Stain Guard and Antimicrobial Protection: This is the main procedure which involves the actual Dry Fusion cleaning. The soil and dirt is separated by the special pads and then the carpet is shielded from dirt, bacteria and stains.
  7. Application of the Rotary Dry Pad: This application totally dries up the carpet, thus preserving brightness by over 20% because the carpet does not need to dry by itself.
  8. Use of Protective Tabs and Foam Blocks: Protective tabs prevent moisture from transferring to the furniture pieces while foam blocks are used to elevate furniture from the floor.
  9. Final Grooming: This final step aims at removing cleaning marks. Moreover, the carpet pile is left standing to ensure faster drying, which ensures the carpet’s beauty is maintained.

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We offer dry carpet cleaning in both residential properties and commercial premises where we use our complimentary high speed air movers to speed up the drying process while cleaning is taking place. Our Bridgepoint Maxim Protector can have your carpet protected with our one year spill and spot warranty.

Keep in mind that it’s not all about the cost but about what you desire to achieve. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on our cleaning services. Additionally, you can look at our How to Choose a Quality Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner page for more information before you decide on a carpet cleaner.