About our fleet of truck mounted carpet cleaning machines

As the Queensland leader in carpet cleaning technology, All Aces invests in the best equipment so all our customers get a superior result.  Truck mounted steam cleaning machines are just one of the high quality devices we use to deliver a better carpet clean to you.  Carpet cleaning machines might sound like a bit of dull topic.  We’re weird like that. We get very excited by the latest technology in cleaning, restoration and pest control.  It’s nerdy we know.  It’s also how All Aces has lead the way in cleaning technology, trusted by corporations, government and most importantly, families in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

So, nerdy as it may be, we’re excited to talk about our truck mounted steam cleaning machines.  They’re all kindsof cool.  And no, we don’t get out much, thanks for asking.


Truck mounted carpet steam cleaner

Ain’t she a beaut?

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Vs Portable Steam Cleaners

After extensive testing, we upgraded our cleaning equipment to include the latest technology – carefully tested for optimum results.  Our rigorous testing found that Hydramaster Truck Mounts provided “next level” cleaning, which seemed just right for a cleaning company going “next level”.

State of the art equipment means:
1. High Heat
2. More Pressure
3. More Extraction Power
These three advantages allows the technician to rinse the carpet more thoroughly – providing a my hygienic result and a dryer finish.


It’s not just our truck mounted steam cleaning gear – we are the leader in staff training and certification:
* Guaranteed results
* Training and Certification
* The level of services that they provide for the customer, see our Deluxe Clean
* Quality of Chemicals that they use

Look at our link on How to Choose a Quality Carpet Cleaner

Our carpet cleaning equipment

Continued R&D is key to our success

It seems like an odd industry to push R&D as a priority, right?  As an industry leader though, we know that staying ahead, achieving more and delivering better service is all about staying abreast of the latest technology and training.  We believe that the superior carpet cleaning equipment isn’t enough, the supplier must be reputable, ethical and above all, reliable.  Over the years we’ve tested and rejected dozens of carpet cleaning technologies and have eventually returned to Hydramaster Carpet Cleaning Machines.  Nothing can top superior carpet cleaning equipment paired with flawless customer service.  Today our fleet is made up of Boxer 421’s and CDS 4.8 Hydramaster Carpet Cleaning Machines.  We know, that means NOTHING to you, until you see the results!

Put our carpet cleaning machines to the test

Geek out with us.  Get excited about just how clean your carpet is.  Be amazed by how dry it is to the touch.  Be speechless at the finish.  Or don’t.  Just trust that our carpet cleaning machines will do a superior job – so know that you’ll have a satisfying experience with All Aces Cleaning.  Go on, admit it, an amazing cleaning job gives you funny feelings inside.  Book one now, you deserve it.