How to Clean Upholstery on an Armchair

This week a customer delivered an armchair to our factory in Murarrie that was in absolute dire straits. The level of staining on this armchair was very high as it was used for 30 years and had been in storage for the last 18 months, which made it a challenge for our upholstery cleaning team.

Following the initial inspection our lead factory technician Phill decided to spot test area to make certain that he could clean it without doing any further damage due to the poor condition this armchair was in. Once the appropriate plan of attack was decided upon Phill began to work his magic.

Process on How to Clean Upholstery

He began by vacuuming the armchair dry as it removes more than 70% of dry soil. A fabric shampoo and conditioner was then used to remove body oil from the fibres and to start breaking down soiling. A special pad was then used to agitate the fabric so that approximately 50% more of the soiling is loosened and ready to extract.

Steam extraction was then applied which both rinses and extracts the dirty water, soiling and detergents from the fibres. A deodorising and neutralising solution was then applied to leave the armchair smelling lovely and fresh.

Phil then took a dry towel to the armchair removing any remaining moisture and soiling from the fabric. High speed air movers were then placed strategically around the armchair to ensure perfect air circulation to leave the chair completely dry to the touch and ready to use. The customer was thrilled with the results as the armchair turned out better than expected.

At All Aces Services we take our time and tailor our cleaning methods to each particular upholstery item to ensure the best results EVERY time. If you have a beloved item of furniture or upholstery that could do with a new lease of life, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Phone our office on 1800 00 10 10 or look through our website for more information.