Is Carpet Protection Really Worth It?

We at All Aces Services are happy to see how our customers in Southeast Queensland react when they see that their once dirty carpet looks bright and colourful again after we perform professional cleaning. It is always a pleasure for us to see how amazed our customers can get. Unfortunately over time, carpet gets re-soiled. How we wish your carpets stay clean and fresh forever!

When your carpet gets re-soiled, it is important that you clean it or have it cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. This way your carpet’s longevity is maintained. Fortunately, our carpet cleaners at All Aces Services can help you maintain your carpeting fairly easily through carpet protection, which is easy and relatively cost-effective.

How does carpet protection works? Is it really worth it?

Carpet protection can be done as soon as your new carpets are installed in your home or after a professional cleaning has been performed. Protectants work by creating a repellent barrier across the top of your carpet to protect its fibres. This works best if spills are attended to immediately. Spills must be treated in a timely manner. Otherwise, they can go deep into the fibres of your carpet that are not protected, leaving a stain that could stay permanent.

There are carpet types that come with protective coatings, such as a nylon-resistant carpet. It has two protective coatings – an acid dye blocker and flourochemical. The first protectant works by preventing dyes from going deep into the carpet fibres. The second one, on the other hand, works by stopping liquids or dyes from getting to the blocker in the first place. The main purpose is to resist dry soil.

When these protectants work, there will be less soil bonds, which means vacuuming can remove the rest of the soil. If there is too much soil bonding with the carpet, it can wear down the carpet. No amount of cleaning can bring back the original state of your carpet fibres. This is the main reason carpet protection must be performed if you want to prolong the life of your carpet.

How long can protectants last?

Carpet protectants last over a period of one to two years, depending on the traffic or use and the use of high alkaline cleaners. If there is high traffic on your carpet, this can destroy the protectants. In addition, if you or an inexperienced carpet cleaner uses high alkaline cleaners, it can remove the protectants on the carpet fibres as well. If this happens, carpet protection must be done again.

What about applying carpet protection after cleaning?

Many carpet owners in Brisbane call a carpet cleaner when they see their carpet is looking a little bit shabby and after a long period of time of using it. If this is the case, we advise that a comprehensive cleaning using the latest technology and products must be done along with application of quality carpet protector after the cleaning. This will keep your carpet fibres in its best condition and enhance the look of your carpet by removing soil, dirt, and grease.

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