Professional Water Leak Detection and Water Damage Remediation

Many water damage problems we’ve solved for home and business owners in Southeast Queensland have been caused by water leak. Once a water leak occurs, whether big or small, can result in unseen water damage that must be remediated as soon as possible to prevent potential effects like structural damage and mould growth. When leak is detected and remediated early on by a professional restoration company like All Aces Services, you won’t have to spend costly repair and restoration and disruption can be minimised.

How can All Aces Services tell if there is water damage caused by leak or excessive moisture that needs to be fixed?

There are several ways we can test whether there is water damage caused by a leak or moisture. Restoration professionals like us usually use infrared or thermal imaging, moisture detection, and chemical testing to identify the source of damage as well as the extent of the damage resulting from leak or moisture.

Infrared/Thermal Imaging

This is specialist equipment is needed to detect leaks from pipes hidden in a structure. Thermal imaging camera is used to look into surface temperatures. It shows leak by showing different temperature from the other structural materials like wall or floor slab.

Restoration specialists like All Aces Services usually perform initial inspection using this equipment. An advantage of using infrared/thermal imaging in detecting leak is its non-invasive feature. It can be used with minimal disruption.

All Aces Services has restoration specialists who are trained to use thermal imaging cameras on our restoration projects. These cameras are important on every water damage restoration project we handle. They allow our team to quickly and easily detect areas where there are water damaged materials.

thermal imaging camera

Moisture Detection Using Moisture Meters

Aside from thermal imaging cameras, we use moisture meters to detect further damage caused by water. Surface meter, as the name implies, is used on top of the material to be tested. This is another non-invasive equipment to use. It can be used to compare unaffected areas with affected areas.

Coupled with the thermal imaging cameras, surface meters can give a quick and accurate mapping of the path of moisture in a material. Sometimes home and business owners are shocked when they find out where the moisture has traveled.

The second type of moisture meter is a penetrating meter. As the name suggests, this meter penetrates very slightly into a material to get a reading of the moisture. Penetrating meters give an accurate reading of the moisture percentage of a material like drywall or wood.

Other Equipment

There are also other methods and equipment used by restoration professionals to detect moisture such as acoustic testing and tracer gas.

If you suspect there is leak or water damage in your property, you should act quickly to solve the problem by calling All Aces Services. Using the latest moisture detecting tools, we can save almost everything from drywall to wood to carpets and most materials! By contacting us early on, you can save thousands of dollars otherwise spent on replacement of damaged materials.