Protecting Important Documents from Natural Disasters

Natural disasters strike when we least expect them. It is, therefore, important that our homes and businesses are prepared. Whether we are talking about floods, fires, or severe thunderstorm, it is very important that your important document such as birth certificates, passports, and marriage certificates are protected from possible damage.

When disaster strikes your home or business, you only have limited time to run around and look for the most important documents. It is important that before a natural disaster strikes, you collect and copy your important documents.

A wise thing to do is to keep one set of original or photocopied records of your documents in a portable file system or safety box where you can easily grab it in any event of evacuation. You can also save a copy online or on external drives that should be placed in safe box elsewhere like a bank safe deposit box.

For onsite documents, make sure that you invest in water or fire-proof file cabinets. If you are a business owner, make sure your policy stipulates that your employees must put important files in the cabinet instead of placing them on their desks or shelves.

Prepare your home or property for natural disasters to lessen the chance of having your important documents damaged. Physical sites must be secure. Tightening the property protection against natural disaster is very important. Regular building inspection is needed to see any problems like plumbing or faulty wiring. It is also important to use shutters for doors and windows and anchoring cabinets and shelves to the wall or floor. It is also recommended that you store documents above flood level. You should store important documents in a safe cabinet on the second or third floor, if your building or home has multiple stories.

In any event that your important documents are damaged, our document restoration team at All Aces Services can help. These documents many not necessarily be a total loss after they are damaged by water or fire. Our specialists can identify the right recovery method for a particular material by considering the value of the document and the level of damage. Our technicians are skilled and well trained in documents recovery. Our techniques are the most advanced in documents restoration such us freeze drying, blast freezing, deodorisation, and other methods.

Time is very important when determining whether your damaged documents can be saved or not. Your quick response and with the right method from a document restoration services company can increase the chance of saving your important document from damage.

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