Fire Damage Restoration Tips

When fire damage occurs at home, the homeowner is usually caught off guard by the difficulty of cleanup process while making sure the damage does not pose serious health risks to the family and result in further damage to the property. Fire is deadly. If it affects your home, it can lead to a devastating property loss. Aside from the primary damage caused by fire itself, secondary damage from water may exist because of the attempts to put out the fire. It is important for a homeowner like you to become familiar with the cleanup process.

Fire damage clean up must be done as soon as possible after the fire. You need to make sure, however, that it is safe to do so. Here are some useful tips prepared by our fire damage restoration specialist at All Aces Services that can surely help you minimize the damage.

The most important thing to do after fire damage is to act fast and call an IICRC certified fire and smoke damage restoration technician to assess the extent of the damage. He can advise you on what steps to take as well as the process for restoration.

You should not enter any fire damage area with any protective gear for your face. Smoke odour and fire damage residue can impair your respiratory system. Prioritise your safety first before you do any kind of restoration.

It is advised that you open all windows and doors to let fresh air come in. While waiting for a restoration company to arrive at your home, do this to allow maximum airflow. This can also help evaporate some excess water, which is important to avoid the growth of mould and mildew. You can also use industrial fans to let the air circulate and help dry excess water. Make sure your electricity line is safe to use before you do it.

You can start cleaning soot yourself. Start it with the ceiling, then the walls and floors. Using water to clean may not give you the best result, so it is important to entrust the cleaning to a professional restoration company.

Try to salvage any content quickly out of the fire damaged area to lessen the absorption of smoke. Cleaning contents may be a difficult thing to do, but with professional restoration company like All Aces Services, they can clean and restore them using the right solution and technique.

Avoid using standard vacuum for floor cleaning as it may release the soot back into the air. Use alkaline-based cleaner to neutralise soot and odours for affected fabrics. Smoke odours may be difficult to remove, so it is important that you let a professional restoration team handle this problem.