Carpet Moths Removal

All Aces Services offers a variety of pest control services. We can treat cockroaches and silverfish, ants, spiders, dust mites, fleas, hornets and wasps, bed bugs, rodents and carpet moths.

You might have heard about carpet moths, but don’t actually know what they look like, how they become a pest, and what they can do to your home once they enter your home.

Carpet moths feed on many different types of fibers, but they tend to prefer natural fibers like wool and silk. They also feed on synthetic fibers if there are proteins present (ie. The fiber is dirty due to food, urine, sweat, etc.).

The best way to prevent an infestation of carpet moths is to make sure you clean your carpets and rugs regularly as they tend not to be attracted to clean fibers.

Carpet moths are usually found in dark places such as behind furniture. These areas are usually also the areas that tend to get vacuumed less often (remember they are attracted to dirty fibers!). You can see a small family one of our technicians found recently in the home of one of our clients in the photo below. They were found in wool carpet behind some heavy furniture.

The second photo shows the damage carpet moths can cause if they are not found and treated quickly. They have eaten the wool fiber right down to the rug backing.

Carpet moths can be eradicated. First of all the affected carpet or rug will need to be cleaned thoroughly. Then the affected area will need to be treated by a qualified Pest Control technician licensed through the Health Protection Unit of Queensland Health.

All Aces Services is able to send out a qualified technician that can clean your carpet or rug, as well as treat the carpet moth all in the same visit. This will save you time and money (and a bit of peace and mind!). All of our technicians are qualified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification(IICRC). We also have selected technicians licensed to complete a variety of Pest Control services. So if you find any unwanted creatures crawling around your home, give us a call on 1800 00 10 10 and we will make them find a new home!

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