Vinyl Floor Cleaning for Commercial Premises

Vinyl flooring is very common in a lot of commercial premises. It can end up looking very tired and worn if not maintained properly. All Aces Services had a client located on the Gold Coast right in the middle of Surfers Paradise and their vinyl floor was looking very worn and tired.

Let’s get to the facts first, vinyl is a porous substance and in terms of flooring is usually sealed and protected. If the sealer wears off, and in some cases is not even existent, the vinyl becomes extremely difficult to clean and maintain. The reason for this is because all the dirt, soil and traffic is absorbed by the vinyl.

A common error with cleaning vinyl floors is using a product that is too harsh so that it ends up damaging the protective sealer. Without getting too technical, it is best to use a cleaning product that is pH neutral, that is not too acidic and not too alkaline. If the cleaning product is not pH neutral it will end up damaging the vinyl’s sealer and can can leave a sticky residue on the vinyl that attracts and builds up dirt much quicker.

We often hear from new customers, “We only got our vinyl sealed 3 months ago and it looks exactly the same”. This can happen because of using improper cleaning products, poor cleaning process, or lack of sealer left as mentioned above. At All Aces Services our vinyl cleaning process is like no other. We provide you with a full initial proposal, with options after a thorough inspection, and after the first clean and seal has been completed we then offer you a full maintenance proposal so you never have to think about your vinyl again.

Your vinyl floors will have a beautiful glossy and professional look 365 days a year. Our team of technicians are fully qualified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and they service all areas of South East Queensland from Gympie on the Sunshine Coast right through to Tweed Heads in Northern NSW.

Cleaning vinyl floors in a commercial premises