How to Clean Soot After a Fire

Can you imagine waking up on a hot night, looking up and seeing the ceiling fan above you on fire? Thankfully, our client and his wife from Rochedale in the South of Brisbane were unhurt.

Lucky for them, All Aces Services are the Masters of Disaster. We were called in to restore what we could and in this blog post we will explain how to clean soot after a fire. When our Technician arrived on site, he was faces with a black ceiling, soot on the carpet and walls. Clothes reeking of smoke and burnt plastic. Mattress and Linens full of burnt bits of plaster, side tables seemingly ruined.
We arranged for an electrician to safely remove the offending ceiling fan.

Our Tech then performed a test patch on one of the worst affected areas of the ceiling using a specially designed smoke sponge. This is used dry to remove the soot and not push the soot into the plaster. After all the dry soot was removed, we use a specialised product, Cross Fire, to remove the remainder of the damage from the walls and ceiling, with astonishing results.

An Air Scrubber was set up with a charcoal filter. This started cleaning the soot and the odour of smoke from the air. While the fire was contained to the bedroom, the smell had penetrated the entire house. A Vapour Shark odour control system was installed. This dispenses a dry pleasantly fragranced vapour that penetrates porous surfaces. We also used a small amount of Smoke Wash in a fogger machine to counteract any residual smell.

The bedroom contents including mattresses, drawers and bedside tables, clothes and linens were bought back to our Rug and Furnishing cleaning factory in Murarrie for cleaning and treatment. The wooden furniture was also treated to remove the soot as well as the odour. The clothes and soft furnishings were washed in Smoke Wash. This removes all traces of the smoke odour, leaving things smelling clean and fresh.

The mattresses were also cleaned. After a thorough vacuum with our HEPA filter upright vacuum, the mattresses were then treated with a pre-conditioner and Smoke Wash. After a thorough steam clean, they were placed in our drying room to soon be ready for many more good nights sleeps.

While an internal fire is a devastating event, with care and patience many unburned belongings and walls are salvageable. Using the right products; walls, floors and ceilings can also be restored, saving the time consuming and expensive process of removing, replacing, re-plastering and repainting walls and ceilings.