Common Home Cleaning Remedies That Do Not Work

Stains on soft surfaces can be a occupants or owners worst nightmare. Most people head straight to Google or the kitchen cupboard for home cleaning remedies. The usual home methods people use are; Bicarbonate soda, DIY carpet cleaning products from the super market, we have even heard of soda, Jiff or vinegar.

The problem with home cleaning remedies lies in the fact that most people don’t know what type of carpet, rug or lounge their material is made of? Nylon, Wool, Polypropylene or even acrylic, they are all made differently and with different dyes and hold different characteristics and therefore require different cleaning methods. What you may think is wool, silk, or leather may in fact be synthetic, so the first step in any cleaning process is to correctly identify the fabric.

Now lets go through the products that are most commonly used:

  • Bi Carb Soda – This is such a common solution for cleaning but it can actually bleach and make stains set even faster.
  • DIY carpet cleaning solutions from the supermarket – Most of these products contain bleaching agents.
  • Sodas and Vinegar – While both can be great to consume, neither actually contains any cleaning agent, and cause a chemical reaction with stains.
  • Jiff – This cleaning product also has bleaching agents in it.
  • Bleach – Commonly used on hard surfaces such as tiles and showers. What is wrong with bleach? It’s not actually a cleaning agent. It’s toxic and simply recolours stains and surfaces. You may as well use paint. Bleach can also strip away any protective layer or sealent, which is present on most surfaces in the homes, such as tiles. So even though you think it looks clean you’ve actually removed the sealent that was protecting the surface.

The other common problem is how cleaning products are applied. When spills and stains occur we are often caught in a state of panic and stress which means we can be too aggressive or apply too much cleaning product on our rug, carpet, or upholstery which then damages the fibres and also makes the stain worse. The homemade or store bought chemicals can also change the stain and how it reacts with professional grade cleaning products.

At All Aces Services our technicians are fully qualified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification. This gives them the expertise to be able identify types of fibres on rugs, carpets and upholstery and have a full understanding on how they have been made and dyed. Particularly with a lot of imported furniture and rugs that are made with food dyes and dyes which are not colourfast when applying cleaning products or chemicals.

When we complete a cleaning service for you, you also become a VIP customer and you receive a FREE home pro spotter. This spotter is pH Neutral and is completely safe to use on all types of fibres. This product is so popular with our clients as they rave about it and how it has fixed many mishaps and future calls to cleaning professionals.

Call All Aces Services now on 1800 00 10 10 to book in your floors or furniture to be cleaned and any stubborn stains removed, and we don’t use home cleaning remedies, only the safest and cleanest products for your home and family.

Stains on Fabric where home cleaning remedies should not be used