How is All Aces Services different to other Restoration Companies?

Sometimes an assessor/claims manager will get to a claim before it is allocated to a restoration company. All Aces Services strives to build relationships with all parties involved with any restoration claims. From the managers in the offices, to the assessors and insured parties, this way everyone involved feel they not only trust us, but they know we will communicate with them every step of the way through the restoration work. All parties have contact with our office and the technician on the road actually completing the job.

There was a job recently on the Sunshine Coast on the hill of Buderim, there had been a burst pipe on the water purifier beneath the kitchen sink upstairs, it had flooded almost the entire house, from ceilings, walls, skirtings, carpet, rugs and timber floor that were beyond repair. The assessor in this instance was allocated to the job before a restoration company, and because we had formed a good relationship with this assessor who knows our training, our methods and attention to detail; he rang us directly from site. We had a technician on site at the property within two hours of receiving the call.

We spent the first day just removing all the damaged contents, extracting water, removing damaged skirtings and some flooring. Eight rugs were bought back to our factory for restoration, and all rugs were restored back to full pre-damage condition. Our purpose built factory is located on the south side of Brisbane in Murarrie, and was able to quickly complete the required restoration on the items to mitigate further loss. As there were a lot of building works to be completed at the premises, for a small fee we were able to store the rugs at our factory once completed until all building works were finished at the property.

We installed equipment to dry the premises; the equipment consisted of Focus Fans, Focus Fan Stands, Air Movers, Dehumidifiers, a Turbo mini vent system and a false wall. The false wall was vital to our drying, it allows us to make containment areas, reduce the size of the drying area, therefore can speed the drying process up.
If you have a large house or areas that need drying, make sure you call the team at All Aces Services on 1800 00 10 10. With fully qualified technicians through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration and our state of the art equipment, we are a step ahead of the rest in our drying techniques.