Leather Repairs for Clothing and Furniture

Leather repairs require professionally trained technicians. We at All Aces Cleaning & Restoration provide these services exclusively using leather master trained technicians and products. We specialize in cleaning all types of leather, ranging from protected leathers to aniline and Nubuck. The right leather treatment depends on its condition or the amount of deterioration from scratches, burns, and stains among others.

Some of the leather repair services we offer are include the following:

  1. Using specific leather care products, we indulge in cleaning all types of leather.
  2. We re-coat leather that is protected.
  3. We re-dye faded leather.
  4. We remove stubborn stains on leather materials.
  5. We also specialise in cleaning dining chairs, lounge suites, leather clothing and assorted furniture.

Genuine leather is known to have colour variations, healed scars, grain wrinkles, and scrapes among others. These are the features that distinguish aniline leather from synthetic leather. It is important to note that we take pride in restoring the natural state of aniline leather by providing special cleaning services using leather protection cream from leather master products. This is a water based product for aniline and protected leathers. It protects the leather from stains and spills such as oil and chemicals. It does this by forming a thin protective coating on the leather surface. Any spill will land on the surface coating and not the leather surface. By cleaning the stain or spill, you will be working on the outer coating, thereby protecting the leather surface. This type of cleaning is usually ideal for treating cracks and peels on leather.

Highly sensitive leathers like Nubuck are subject to wear and deterioration from moisture, oil and alcohol spills. Nubuck Eco Protector is a water based product that protects sensitive leathers from harsh environmental factors that enhance deterioration. It is a non flammable product that is much cheaper than similar products that come in cans. It is also eco-friendly and is free from solvents.

At All Cleaning & Restoration, we also give our customers tips on how to periodically maintain their leather fabrics and accessories. Protected leathers refer to pigmented, finished, aniline and semi aniline leathers. We advise our customers to:

  1. Maintain a distance of about two to three feet between leather items and heat sources. Heat causes the leather to dry up.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight on leather items as this promotes fading.
  3. Remove or wipe dust accumulations on protected leathers using a leather master soft cleaner.
  4. Regularly use the leather master protection cleaner as a preventive maintenance method to avert staining and soiling.
  5. Periodic cleaning is essential in averting future leather repairs.

Photo of five pairs of leather boots