How to Remove Dog Urine on Rugs

When you have dog urine on a rug it can be difficult to effectively remove it yourself, particularly when the rug is made of Art silk. Any home owner with animals, particularly dogs and cats knows that accidents happen and ending up with dog urine on a rug although not uncommon is annoying and unpleasant, as well as damaging to the rug. Delicate fibres such as those found in an Art Silk or Viscose rug need specialist care to restore them to their natural beauty, remove all odours and protect against the growth of bacteria common to urine-stained rugs and carpets.

If not treated effectively, urine that has remained on the rug for any length of time will produce an odour when attempts to clean the rug with water are made. While you may think your rug looks as good as new and that you have removed all traces, home rug cleaning processes very rarely eradicate all the urine stains and odours. Once water has been added to the carpet, it becomes even more difficult to remove urine stains, so having a professional treat your rug immediately is important to its long lasting beauty.

Because urine turns from an acid to alkaline crystal salts, urine is particularly damaging to your rug, and is also dangerous to those in close proximity, because when cleaned with water it gives off strong ammonia gases. All Aces has the experience and expertise to remove dog urine from even the finest of fibre rugs, including your beautiful Art Silk, and have the equipment and products with a proven record of being able to effectively treat and thoroughly dry the rug.

All Aces Step-by-Step Process on How to Remove Dog Urine on Rugs

  1. Inspect and photograph the physical damage to the rug
  2. Thoroughly vacuum to remove all loose matter from the rug
  3. Beat out and remove any deep down particles with our Rug Badger machine
  4. Treat stain with a cleaning agent to dissolve salt deposits and turn from acid into alkaline
  5. Fully submerge the rug to break down the dog urine on both sides of the rug and within the fibres
  6. Rinse the rug thoroughly to remove all traces of cleaning agent and dog urine
  7. Treat surface of rug with a final stain treatment
  8. Dry the rug thoroughly
  9. Thoroughly vacuum again and wrap rug

All Aces Services’ urine rug treatment takes approximately 5 working days and once completed, your beautiful Art Silk rug will be as good as new, with no trace of dog urine remaining. Our urine removal process is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.