How to Clean Your Leather Lounges

After a time your leather lounge will begin to look a little tired and perhaps even less than pristine, even downright dirty. When you purchased your leather lounge you were more than likely given a special kit specifically for cleaning leather. Often times this kit contains only sufficient cleaner for one seat, and in no way will be enough to completely clean an entire leather lounge.

When new, leather lounges are specially treated with a protective coating to prevent damage and build up of dirt and grime, but this treatment is only designed to last for about a year of normal wear and use. Once this coating has broken down and disappeared any spills, spots, dirt and grime has free reign to work into your expensive leather. Once this has occurred it becomes increasingly difficult to effectively clean your lounge so that it looks as good as the day you purchased it.

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration has the ability to not only thoroughly clean your leather lounge to return it to its ‘as new’ appearance, but can also apply a protective cream coating to ensure maximum protection from dirt, grime and oils which would penetrate your beautiful leather lounge if not protected.

With an effective routine of maintenance in combination with our protective coating, your leather lounge will stand up to dogs lying on it, children’s dirty shoes, dust and oils from hair and skin, keeping the leather in good condition.

To keep your leather lounge in great condition between professional leather cleaning you can do the following:

  • Keep all leather furniture at least 2 feet from any heat source i.e. Heaters, fires, uncovered windows to prevent drying
  • Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading
  • Keep free of dust by wiping with a dampened cloth
  • Apply Leather Master Protection Cream regularly
  • Clean at least every 6 months with Leather Master Soft Cleaner

Your leather lounge was very likely one of your most expensive investments, so trusting its cleaning to a store bought product is at the very least risky. All Aces Cleaning & Restoration team of professionals have the experience and knowledge to effectively clean leather and treat to protect against future dirt and grime accumulation.

If your leather lounge has not been professionally cleaned, whether you purchased it a year ago or 5 years ago, allowing All Aces Cleaning & Restoration to give it a thorough clean and application of protective coating will restore its fine beauty and durability to its best possible condition as well as extend its life.

A clean white leather lounge after All Aces is finished with it.