Commercial Cleaning for Vinyl Floors

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration are specialists in the cleaning, stripping and sealing of all types of vinyl floors. Our commercial clients value our professional service as we keep their vinyl floors looking good and in top condition. If you are tired of looking at ugly, soiled vinyl floors with years of built up sealer, All Aces Cleaning & Restoration can get your vinyl floors looking great again. The right care and maintenance can ensure your floors always look good.

Our 8 step professional commercial vinyl cleaning procedure is as follows:

  1. Pre-inspection
    A member of our experienced, knowledgeable team will come to your commercial premises and evaluate your vinyl flooring for potential problems, as well as offer you professional advice about how best to treat and maintain your vinyl floors.
  2. Dust mop or pre-vacuum
    Our thorough dust mopping or vacuuming before treating your vinyl floors ensures that all dry particles are removed.
  3. Apply Cleaner / Stripper
    We use a specialised solution to effectively break down soiling, stubborn marks and any existing sealer. Highly effective on high traffic areas.
  4. Rotary agitation
    The rotary agitation action releases all soiling as well as loosening and dissolving old sealer.
  5. Remove all standing water
    Mop up or extract excess soiling, chemical and water.
  6. Rinse mop
    Rinse mopping with hot water to remove all remaining residues.
  7. Apply sealer
    Careful and efficient application of 5 coats of quality gloss sealer to give a great looking finish and long lasting protection from marks and soiling. In some cases more coats of sealer are required to achieve a great finish. Your professional will use the correct number of coats for your situation.
  8. Drying
    Thorough drying with high speed air movers between coats of sealer.


Our Range of Vinyl Floors Care Services

  • Full strip, thorough clean and application of sealer
  • Thorough clean only
  • Maintenance service to ensure your freshly sealed vinyl flooring maintains its great appearance and never required stripping again
  • Regular scheduled spray buffing
  • After hours service to avoid any inconvenience during business hours.

Our long-lasting system of stripping, cleaning and sealing, in conjunction with a regular maintenance program will ensure your commercial vinyl flooring will never need stripping again. With regular cleaning and a top up coat when needed your vinyl floors will always look great. Never suffer ugly vinyl floors again.
To have YOUR commercial vinyl floors looking its best call All Aces Cleaning & Restoration today on 1800 00 10 10 to make an appointment.