Queensland Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Professional Mattress Cleaning for Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast  is done at our factory or at home. Mattresses should be cleaned every 6-12 months by  a qualified professional using the right equipment and the right method.

You want to make sure you are getting the right clean as we spend one third of our life on our mattresses. We all clean our sheets and pillows regulary but we forget about our mattresses and some of us spend up $10,000 on our mattresses. Our mattresses accumulate dust mites, dust mite faeces, dead skin, body oils and sweat stains and much more! This is why we need to keep an eye on how often we clean our mattresses so we can get rid of those nasty allergies.

Over 7000 dust mites can fit on a finger nail. A dust mite moults several times during its life, producing 200 times its weight in waste and will lay 300 eggs. These facts are for only one single dust mite. At All Aces Cleaning & Restoration we have a procedure in place that will involve an extraction method to reduce allergens and that will also apply a neutralising spray to reduce allergen irritants between regular cleaning. Regular cleaning of carpets and upholstery should be part of your allergen-control plan.

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration suggests that customers should get their sheets washed every week in HOT water, pillows should be done 4 times a year (unless you use mite proof covers), wash your blankets and comforters at least monthly, professionally clean mattresses at least every six months and use an air filter. If you do these tips regularly and keep your mattresses professionally cleaned every 6 – 12 months then your bed will be allergy free!

The picture below shows a mattress that hasn’t been cleaned in 3 years!

A photo of a mattress that hasn't been cleaned for 3 years